NuVim, Inc. (Pink Sheets: NUVM)

Rick Kundrat from NuVim® called into to explain that NuVim® (Pink Sheets: NUVM) is a one of a kind ready to drink and powder mix beverage that is sold in the supermarket refrigerated juice section in half gallons and sold on the internet in powder mix form. Based on an extensive research and development project that spanned over 30 years, NuVim® helps maintain a strong immune system, increases mineral, vitamin, micronutrient and calcium absorption and improves consistent digestion with its exclusive ingredient NutraFlora®, a clinically proven natural prebiotic fiber. NuVim® also contains a level of whey protein concentrate that is known to help muscle flexibility, promote sturdy joints, and improve athletic performance. NuVim® has no high fructose corn syrup, no lactose, no cholesterol, no fat, no artificial flavors, and no caffeine.