National Intelligence Association, Inc.

Founder, James J. Miller, National Intelligence Association, Inc. (OTCBB: NIAS), has worked on nearly 500 cases over the last 25 years with a variety of clients including law firms, governmental agencies, professional services firms, small business owners, major communications firms, financial firms, major retailers and one of the nation’s largest insurers as well as the general public. National Intelligence Association, Inc. offers security services, investigations services, executive protection services and training services to our clients and the public at large. These services have been designed to appeal to the general public, corporate world and the government to provide security services, protecting people and preventing adverse situations from threatening the peace of our homeland. The Company is committed to success in the security and investigation industry and strives to adhere to the strict rules handed down by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. We believe that our high level of commitment to this mandate will enable the Company to attract top professionals as agents and investigators, as well as clients looking for our services.