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APPYEA Inc. (OTCQB: APYP) is a global mobile application developer for iOS, Google Play, and Amazon platforms. The Company operates its own titles as well as provides strategic partnerships with promising mobile app developers. AppYea focuses on a number of different categories including next-generation social networks and gaming. The Company recently acquired several portfolios including Disney / Universal Theme Park Wait Time Map Apps, Katsomoto Games & StreamMe. Currently the Company has 85 published mobile applications in five different languages.

Custom Mobile App Development For:

  • iPad application development
  • iPhone application development
  • Android application development
  • Blackberry application development
  • Windows Mobile development

Value Proposition

  • APYP is in an industry that is exploding.
  • APYP is a developmental start-up that's going to implement their business plan for maximum growth.
  • APYP is a ground floor opportunity.
  • APYP has the potential for HUGE growth.
  • APYP has strategic partnerships that are going to assist in igniting their growth.
  • APYP is building a management team that has a wide range of experience in business & technology.
  • APYP has a team of advisors made up of attorneys, accountants & business leaders such as Joe Abrams whom was a co- founder of Intermix, the parent company of MySpace that sold for $580 million in 2005 and prior to that he sold his start-up software company The Software Toolworks that was started in his garage for $462 million.
  • APYP has aligned themselves with a team of 70+ app developers.
  • APYP is in an industry where the growth is expected to be 70-Billon Dollar by 2017
  • APYP's Disney & Universal Studios theme park wait-time app is in 5 different languages available on both Apple App Store & Google Play.

Market Info

Market Value: $1,595,748 a/o Sep 04, 2015

Authorized Shares: 750,000,000 a/o Oct 11, 2014

Outstanding Shares: 36,266,989 a/o May 20, 2015

Par Value: 0.0001

Shareholders of Record: 1,079 a/o Oct 14, 2014

Short Interest: 89 (100%) Aug 14, 2015

Transfer Agent: VStock Transfer LLC

Key Executives

Jackie D Williams, Jr. - CEO

777 Main Street
Suite 600
Fort Worth, TX 76102