LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSHR) today announced that the Company has signed an exclusive Manufacturer’s Representative Distribution Agreement with Better-Life Imports to represent its Thermal-Aid Zoo line in China and Hong Kong.

“Better-Life Imports brings products from around the world to consumers in China and Hong Kong and truly understands the value proposition that the Thermal-Aid line brings to the consumer. The commitment and exclusive relationship of this Agreement brings immediate Thermal-Aid Product penetration into Beijing’s upscale markets and leads to entry into the Shanghai and Hong Kong markets within a two-month period. The Agreement spans three years with an anticipated 20% growth factor year over year,” states Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer Ronald Tchorzewski.

According to the Company, the Thermal-Aid Zoo line has been in the As Seen on TV category for the last 15 months and is seeing a 180% return on its television media spending over the last couple of months. These results, in addition to being Flexible Spending Account eligible, has also allowed the Company to position its Thermal-Aid brand to be an everyday item in the Pharmacy category. 

“The Thermal-Aid line has been shipped to places around the world like Japan, Australia, Great Brittan, Canada, Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina, New Zealand & Chile. Now that the health care industry is embracing Thermal-Aid here in the states, its only a matter of time before major distribution from all corners of the world, not only recognize the value for this product to the everyday consumer, but recognize the pain management relief it provides to many patients as well,” states Tchorzewski.

Pacific Shore continues to remain positioned at the forefront of developments in the green products sector.

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SOURCE Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc.