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The Booming IoT Market is Adding to the Explosive Growth for The CHRON Organization, Inc. and their Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Zen Technologies, Inc.

The internet has long been used for a plethora of uses and now the Internet of Things is well upon us. The use of the internet to do just about anything you can imagine, including smart technologies that help make our everyday simpler, has allowed for massive expansion for both our Company and our wholly-owned subsidiary, Zen Technologies, Inc., in the form of a partnership with the Oklahoma Grocers Association (OGA).

We at CHRON (CHRO) have long been dedicated to entrepreneurial pursuits and works to empower all of our subsidiaries and help them achieve success to the fullest extent.

What is Zen Technologies?

Zen Technologies, Inc. is a 21st century home technology company that works to provide innovative and cutting edge technologies in home automation to help make life simpler. Zen provides a concierge solution for each customer that is tailored to their needs including home automation, security and …

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HempMeds Continues Domestic and International Growth in 2017


HempMeds is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA), a publicly traded company that sells a variety of cannabis-based products in the United States and abroad. MJNA has made international headlines with its recent status as an exclusive importer of cannabidiol oil products to Brazil. In February of 2017, the Brazilian government approved a prescription for HempMeds’ Real Scientific Hemp Oil as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects the central nervous system, causing pain and a variety of other neuromuscular issues. With Real Scientific Hemp Oil, patients can experience the life-changing benefits of cannabidiol oil without the harmful side effects that accompany most pain medications.

The 2017 decision made by the Brazilian government’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) is the first import approved for RSHO as a treatment for multiple sclerosis. More than 2.5 million people suffer from multiple sclerosis worldwide, which …

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Changing Wireless Market Trends in 2017

Icon Media Holdings

Icon Media Holdings (OTC ICNM) is a wireless technology solutions company that offers a variety of wireless engineering services as well as Wi-Fi consulting to enterprise-level clients. The wireless market is currently experiencing unprecedented growth and development with seven-figure projections for the in-building wireless market alone. In fact, in-building wireless connectivity has been heralded as the “fourth utility,” presenting a significant opportunity for companies such as ICNM.

The State of the Wireless Industry

The in-building wireless market reached a staggering $4.83 billion in 2015, and research shows that it will likely grow to $16.71 billion by the year 2020. North America represents the largest market for wireless technical services, but wireless interference and other connectivity issues present an opportunity for businesses operating on an international scale as well.

Mobile Technology

One of the primary reasons behind the explosive growth of the wireless industry is the prevalence of mobile technology, …

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AXIM IBS Treatment Options and Market Growth in 2017 and Beyond


Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition characterized by discomfort and pain in the abdominal region. Sufferers also experience symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and gas, and it is believed that the condition is adversely affected by anxiety. Anywhere between 25 and 45 million people are affected by IBS in the United States alone, and 2 out of 3 IBS patients are women. The unfortunate reality for IBS sufferers is that there are few effective long-term treatments that manage symptoms without the risk of side effects. As a result, the IBS market presents plenty of opportunities for alternative treatment methods to make a positive impact on patients worldwide.

Medical Marijuana Products

Pharmaceutical industry experts predict that the market for cannabis products could reach 10 percent of the specialty market by the year 2020, with a market value of $20 billion. With a variety of cannabinoids to test and incorporate …

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MJNA Starts Where it Left off in 2016 with Big International Growth


To say that Medical Marijuana, Inc. made headlines in 2016 would be an understatement. In reality, the company known for its CBD hemp oil products took the medical marijuana market by storm with product availability in all 50 states. Since its launch in 2012, MJNA‘s subsidiary company, HempMeds, has made it easier for patients around the country to access relief for a variety of medical issues without the debilitating side effects that often accompany traditional treatment methods. In 2015, the market for hemp products in the United States climbed to $573 million, and that figure is expected to increase dramatically over the next several years. According to estimates from the Hemp Business Journal, the market for CBD is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2020.

MJNA’s Subsidiary Companies

MJNA‘s subsidiaries include HempMeds, Kannaway, HempMeds MX and HempMeds Brasil. Each of these subsidiaries serves a unique segment of the cannabis …

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Spectrum Sets its Sights on Success in the Wireless, Telecommunications and Broadcast Industries

Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ICNM)

Spectrum Velocity, the service delivering subsidiary of Icon Media Holdings, is poised to dominate in the wireless, telecommunications and broadcast industries in 2017. ICNM is a global technology company with diversified holdings, specializing in technical services and wireless infrastructure. As its subsidiary, Spectrum Velocity focuses on technical services for companies and consumers within the wireless industry. True to its company tagline, Spectrum Velocity provides wireless at the speed of light as well as Wi-Fi consulting and a variety of other technical services needed to succeed in the age of instant communication.

The Wireless Industry

The wireless, telecommunications and broadcasting industries are constantly growing and evolving. As consumers demand wireless convenience and functionality, businesses often struggle to replace wired systems with wireless technology. Spectrum Velocity is able to come alongside businesses to bridge the technology gap with comprehensive system integration and technology services. According to the Wireless Infrastructure Association, wireless …

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