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11-12-09 Audio Interview with Green Energy Live Inc. (OTCBB: GELV)

Green Energy Live Inc. (OTCBB: GELV)

Karen Clark, CEO of Green Energy, (OTCBB: GELV) visited with to discuss how her Company, Green Energy Live, is a fully reporting, publicly-listed engineering and technology company headquartered in Wyoming, Michigan (adjacent to Grand Rapids). The company is focused on developing and commercializing renewable energy gasification systems that convert biomass wastes, currently being dumped in land-fills, into fuel and other valuable co-products. What is unique about the company is that its technology can rapidly and economically be deployed to the waste site rather than vice versa. Thus, a customer’s specific needs are addressed through a complete equipment package with the smallest ecological footprint.

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10-28-09 Audio Interview with Enerteck Corporation (OTCBB: ETCK)

Gary Amen, President of EnerTeck Corporation (OTCBB: ETCK), dropped by to discuss how his Company through its wholly owned subsidiary, EnerTeck Chemical Corp., specializes in the sales and marketing of a fuel borne catalytic engine treatment for diesel engines known as EnerBurn.

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9-29-09 Audio Interview with Vivakor Inc. (OTCBB: VIVK)

Vivakor’s Chairman, Matt Nicosia stopped by to discuss Vivakor, a biomedical/biotechnology company with transdisciplinary research that develops and acquires products in the fields of molecular medicine, electro-optics, biological handling and natural and formulary compounds, that extend or improve life. Vivakor generates revenues through the licensing or sale of its technologies.

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