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Envoy Group Corp (Pink Sheets: ENVV)

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Envoy Group Corp is restructuring its business plan to reprioritize and become an acquirer of exciting, potentially high-demand consumer products. Under the plan, new opportunities, products and companies will be brought under the Envoy Group umbrella for exciting strategic acquisitions and joint ventures.

The Envoy team has spent the last six months diligently reviewing and discussing many product opportunities, and are currently they are advancing two major deals. These include two exciting premium brand retail product opportunities.

The first agreement under negotiation is with BVD Ltd. for exclusive distribution rights for the Louis XIV Brand, which is the world’s most exclusive energy drink. Currently only available in Europe, Louis XIV has developed four revolutionary, unique and vibrant energy drinks. The drinks’ full-bodied citric base stands alone as a perfect refresher and is an inspired complimentary mixer in European nightclubs.

Value Proposition

  • ENVV is on fire right now. The Company has made several key moves in Q4 2015. They have a diversified product offerings in several rapidly growing markets
  • LOUIS XIV is part of $39 billion energy drink market
  • Envoy Group Corp (ENVV) has entered into discussions to acquire the rights to distribute the very popular European LOUIS XIV Energy Drinks in Canada
  • LOUIS XIV Energy Drinks rapidly increasing in popularity in Europe
  • Late in 2015 ENVV added another premium beverage in addition to its’ featured line of Louis XIV Energy drinks, Natura Coco.
  • Coconut water is now a billion-dollar industry and some estimates project the global coconut water market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%.

Market Info

Market Value: $21,600,000 a/o Dec 18, 2015

Authorized Shares: 240,000,000 a/o Nov 14, 2014

Outstanding Shares: 80,000,000 a/o Dec 15, 2014

Short Interest: 100 (100%) Nov 30, 2015

Transfer Agent: VStock Transfer LLC

Key Executives

Harpreet Sangha - President - Jocelyn Nicholas, President, CEO, CFO

Claudia McDowell - Counsel

Envoy Group Corp
28494 Westinghouse Place
Suite 213
Valencia, CA 91355