Dr. Shao brings extensive experience in R&D, pharmaceutical extraction and the formulation of herbal and botanical products

NEWARK, N.J., March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Inergetics, Inc. (OTCBB: NRTI), a leading developer of nutritional supplements today announced the appointment of Yu Shao, Ph.D., as a strategic member of their Scientific/Medical Advisory Board and advisor, guiding the formulation of the proprietary line of natural Cannabidiol (CBD)-based nutritional supplements Inergetics and its partner Terra Tech (OTCBB: TRTC) are developing jointly.

Dr. Shao has extensive experience in product research and development across many areas of health and wellness, specializing in pharmaceutical extraction methods and plant biochemistry – as well as formulating herbal and botanical nutritional products. He brings almost two decades of expertise in these fields working with a variety of global firms, including Glaxo Smith Kline, Wyeth (now Pfizer), and Merck, directing the launch of more than 30 innovative new products for these companies.

Dr. Shao will work closely with Inergetics’ Chief Science Officer, Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN throughout the development process to ensure that the new CBD-based product lines are world-class in terms of medical effectiveness, quality, purity and safety.

“Given his deep experience in R&D, formulation and phytonutrient extraction methods, Dr. Shao is ideally qualified to provide strategic direction as an Advisory Board member as well as help us isolate and develop an innovative line of medical grade CBD-based nutritional supplements,” said Carl Germano. “Dr. Shao has a proven record of successfully creating and launching new herbal, vitamin and medicinal products, and we very much look forward to working with him to bring to the market a range of CBD-based nutraceuticals offering relief to patients experiencing pain, nausea and other debilitative symptoms.”

Dr. Shao has an impressive record of isolating and extracting new herbal, vitamin and pharmaceutical products to market. His recent experience includes eight product launches in eight years at Glaxo Smith Kline U.S. and 25 new products in four-plus years at Glaxo Smith Kline China. He has served in a range of senior R&D roles during his 13-year career at Glaxo Smith Kline, including Head of R&D for the Consumer Healthcare business in China; Group Leader/Director, New Weight Loss Product Development; Principal Scientist, Smoking Control/Pain Management; and Senior Development Scientist. Dr. Shao also served as Manager of Herbal and Vitamin R&D at Wyeth (now Pfizer) and as a Senior Scientist developing botanical extracts for dietary supplements at Pure World Botanicals. Additionally, he is the inventor and author of more than 60 pharmaceutical patents.

Dr. Shao received his Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry from the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, his M.A. in Organic Chemistry from Lanzhou University and his B.S. in Chemistry from Yangtze University. He also served as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Natural Products Chemistry at Rutgers University.

The strategic partnership between Inergetics and Terra Tech was announced on February 4th and the first CBD-based supplements are expected to be distributed via medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

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