Standing out among one’s peers in competition is a distinction that consumers and investors alike should always pay close attention to. Excellence is never an accident or the result of luck, but rather the result of hard work and dedication to craft. So when a HempMedsPX submission won the High CBD Award with the new product – CBD Simple – it reminded me of how new, superior products can quickly fuel brand recognition and growth.

The Medical Cannabis Cup is the result of High Times Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Steven Hagar’s campaign to promote the personal use and cultivation of cannabis and is considered the “Academy Awards of Marijuana.” (Citation 1) To be nominated is a distinction, to win is an honor that recognizes and applauds superior performance. This analogy may seem a little heavy-handed, but when you consider the state of the cannabis industry – having finally crested the majority acceptance of the US population – this kind of public recognition could be a “tipping point” for the success of products offered by HempMedsPX.

This year’s US event was held during a two-day expo in Seattle, WA and included seminars, question-and-answer panels with industry leaders and, of course, lots of music and fun. But it was serious business for the many industry professionals in attendance. The High Times website posted a “Winner’s Gallery” (Citation 2) that highlighted this year’s winners.

HempMedsPX – a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana Inc. and the exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company for CannaVest Corp (CANV) and Medical Marijuana, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MJNA) – submitted four products for judging by industry experts: CanChew gum, Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), and two prototype products, CBD Gold and CBD Simple. But it was CBD Simple that ran away with the competition.

CBD Simple tested at a record 95.8% CBD – the highest CBD percentage ever documented at the Cannabis Cup – earning the company the “High CBD Award” in the concentrates category.

This is an incredible outcome, especially when you consider that second place was a DISTANT second place, and tested at around 54% CBD. Consumers should be pleased to know that the company offers pharmaceutical-grade CBD that is available from HempMedsPX right now – and it’s from a natural hemp source, not synthetic. There is even more good news for consumers and suppliers alike: because this CBD is made from hemp oil, it’s fully legal in all fifty states.

Winning the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup is certainly a significant milestone for product developers and cultivators. However, to do it with a new product is proof that the company’s focus on new and innovative products is bearing fruit and could place them on the fast-track for solid brand recognition and accelerated growth.

Disclosure: I am an investor in MJNA and (OTC: CANV) and this article was written on behalf of Medical Marijuana, Inc.


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