WHIPPANY, N.J., July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pazoo, Inc. (OTC Pinks:PZOO) (German WKN#: A1J3DK), 100% wholly owned subsidiary CannabisKing Distribution, LLC, has signed a deal with MJPayment, LLC, to sell their Banking Solution Services throughout the region where Pazoo labs are being opened. MJPayment has developed an innovative and powerful payment and banking suite as well as an industry first bank compliance solution for the legal marijuana industry.

MJPayment is taking the headache out of payments and banking with a complete financial solution that allows customers the flexibility to meet their changing demands. MJPayment is the first and only truly integrated financial solution for the marijuana industry. According to MJPayment, it provides banking, logistics, and payment solutions to the marijuana industry and their suppliers, as well as a compliance suite allowing banks to ensure compliance with government regulations, such as FinCEN and Justice Department guidelines for the opening and ongoing  management of accounts for marijuana businesses.  

Tim Harrington, President of MJPayment states, “MJPayment is looking forward to working with CannabisKing Distribution and Pazoo.  We feel with Pazoo’s strong footprint around the country, and their vision to move into even more regions, it would be a great partnership to work together.  They offer best in class technology for testing, and we feel we offer the best banking solution to the industry, so the partnership will be ideal for us.”

Pazoo CEO David Cunic states, “We feel strongly that MJ Payment’s banking solution will not only be a game changer for Pazoo but an absolute game changer for the marijuana industry. We will provide a very important service for MJPayment because we will have boots on the ground to properly service growers, dispensaries and the like in our areas of interest. We expect to begin introducing this already existing service to our data base of clients in the early part of August.”

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Pazoo, Inc., is a company focused on health, wellness and safety. Our focus is to provide best-in-class laboratory testing of cannabis and cannabinoids to protect consumers from impurities, contaminants and other irregularities. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Harris Lee, and our partnership with MA & Associates, Pazoo provides industry-leading laboratory testing of cannabis. Harris Lee’s and MA’s license agreements with Steep Hill Labs, Inc. allows the Pazoo subsidiaries to use Steep Hill’s top-rated testing protocols in select markets as we expand throughout the USA. Pazoo’s subsidiaries are currently licensed to test cannabis in Nevada, Oregon and Colorado, with other states to come. Additionally, Pazoo delivers a comprehensive array of health and wellness information on its website www.pazoo.com.


Founded in California in 2008, Steep Hill is a science and technology firm that has become the industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics. With owned and licensed labs in four U.S. states and plans to add labs in New Mexico, Oregon and possibly Jamaica in 2015, Steep Hill is the largest cannabis lab network in the world. The company pioneered the first medical cannabis potency and microbiological contaminants testing methodology for use in California – the first state to legalize medical cannabis. Steep Hill has since developed a variety of revolutionary cannabis testing products, including QuantaCann™, QuantaCann2™ and GenKit™. Steep Hill provides expert consulting services to many states, countries and municipalities, and the company is developing proprietary genetic testing, mapping and trademark protection services for the industry as well.

MJ payments information:
MJPayment on Friday launched what the company described as “an innovative and powerful payment, banking, and compliance solution for the legal marijuana industry.”

According to a prepared statement from the company, “MJPayment is taking the headache out of and banking with a complete solution that allows customers the flexibility to meet their changing demands.”

The company is calling MJPayment “the first and only integrated financial solution for the marijuana industry.” According to MJPayment, it “provides banking, compliance, logistics, and payment solutions to the marijuana industry and their suppliers.”

MJPayment says its partnerships allow customers to integrate everything from cash logistics and point-of-sale systems, to cashless consumer and supplier payment solutions.

The company says MJPayment provides a one-source helping hand by:

  • Removing cash handling and security cost from client businesses
  • Reducing administration costs
  • Creating and maintaining a cashless business
  • Paying bills and invoices electronically
  • Providing cash management solutions for personal and business use
  • Offering 24-hour customer support and rewards programs

“Our unparalleled experience is evident in our ability to deliver a wide selection of cost-effective solutions designed to fit each clients’ unique needs,” said Timothy Harrington, president of MJPayment. “We work to configure a solution tailored to a demanding customer base.

“We put a lot of thought into integrating our capabilities in a way that makes sense for each client and continually expand our banking and payment services to meet our clients’ future needs,” Harrington said.

For more information, visit the MJPayment website at http://www.mjpayment.com.

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