By Perry Coleman

The world seems to have turned “Green” overnight as companies around the world, both large and small, look to decrease their carbon footprint. But to take it one step further, Medical Marijuana, Inc’s (MJNA) PhytoSPHERE Systems has made the leap to developing “carbon negative” products that provide improved health for its users and prosperity for the company’s investors.

PhytoSPHERE Building New Infrastructure

The company has been rapidly expanding its infrastructure to support the growing number of products it will be offering. On the launch pad are 25 new products that will be released in the very near future. These products will revolutionize healthcare as we know it today.

I say this because we are a society that has relied strongly on engineering substances to alleviate or cure our maladies while ignoring one of the most natural compounds available to us. I’m talking about cannabis and more directly Cannabidiol (CBD).

A Natural Medicine

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound derived from the hemp plants seed and stalk. WeedMaps and SC Labs have developed a neat little chart that lists out 20 ailments and the corresponding cannabinoids that helps with those ailments.

Amazingly, CBD provides relief for 80% of those ailments with THC providing relief for only 20%. As a note, while the percentages add up to 100%, it is purely a coincidence as they are not mutually exclusive. Two of the most prominent ailments that are helped by CBD are inflammation and cancer. I offer a little more about those benefits here but will be going more in-depth in future articles.

Expanding Production Capacity

To support the demand for the company’s CBD-Rich Oils and other products, PhytoSPHERE is dramatically increasing its production capacity. For raw hemp products, the base production capacity of 2000 tons will be increased 4000 tons for a total of 6000 tons. That’s a 200% increase in the amount of raw material that will coming out of the 2013 harvest.

This will result in the production of an additional 300 tons of CBD-Rich Oil, increasing capacity to 450 tons. As production capacities increase, the company will be able to pass along savings to customers while expanding margins for shareholders though economies of scale.

Research Acceptance

The acceptance of research in the medicinal benefits cannabinoids is becoming more main stream. Recently Dr. Sanjay Gupta in an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan vouched for the medicinal benefits of Marijuana saying that ”we know that there are medical benefits, I’ve seen the studies with my own eyes here in the United States and around the world.”

Those are very powerful words coming from such a prominent media personality. Dr Gupta is a neurosurgeon and CNN’s chief medical correspondent. There is also a CNN original series titled “Inside Man” hosted by Morgan Spurlock in which the premier episode started with an “Inside Look Into The Medical Marijuana Industry”. It was truly astonishing to see just how main stream this industry has become.

On The Horizon

PhytoSPHERE has recently created the subsidiary US Hemp Oil. The entity will have two business units that will develop the new product lines. The units are Cibdex, which is focused on CBD-Based Pet products and Cibaderm, which will focus on CBD-Rich skin care products.

What’s Next

The US is experiencing a transformation. Just recently, US Representative Jared Polis of Colorado waved an American Flag made of hemp after the House of Representatives passed an amendment that would allow for hemp to be grown in the US for research purposed.

It was very positive step supporting the company’s goal to provide prosperity with its eco-friendly carbon negative products. This is a unique opportunity that is unfolding right before your eyes. I encourage you to take a closer look.

Disclosure: I am long MJNA and this article was written on behalf of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Source: Perry Coleman