By Perry Coleman

There’s been a tremendous amount of activity going on with Medical Marijuana, Inc (MJNA) and CannaVest Corp (CANV), much of which has been highlighted in recent press releases. Their exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company, HempMedPX™, has been busy canvassing events across the US, highlighting the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and introducing new products that contain the exciting compound. However, investors want to know more detailed information, and for that, social media makes an excellent starting point.

We’ve all heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The phrase is antiquated at best when you consider the impact of social media. Just ask yourself, “how many more words would we have if we added more pictures, video, streaming audio, and real-time discussion?” It’s not a real math problem, but you get the message–social media is a critical part of sharing information for investment due diligence.

I suggest you start with the company’s MJNA Facebook page. For professional money managers, good investment research starts with examining a company’s financials and analyst opinions. While scrutinizing this type of information is important, by the time the retail investor can find a nugget of information that would suggest that an issue is mispriced, the information is probably already factored into the market price. Financials are usually examined by professionals as soon they come out, and while the market reaction can be hard to predict, the reaction is usually definitive in direction and very rapid.

Social media, however, can assist in identifying shifts in opinion or longer-term trends that are of more value to investors that don’t have time to watch and react to every detail about a stock. Searching through the MJNA Facebook page revealed a tremendous amount of information that provided valuable details about much of the activity reported in the company press releases.  

Seeing products demonstrated and smiles on faces provides for a “see-for-yourself’ experience of the transformation that the family of MJNA companies is undergoing. What you have is single portal that shows photos and video from the events HempMedsPX has attended, along with testimonials and commentary from company representatives and real users alike.

There are also Facebook fan-supplied links to more information about CBD and its many benefits. The links point to detailed research and examples of how CBD is helping people today. This information is provided by a multitude of media sources and users, so other users can quickly validate claims and opinions from multiple sources, thus streamlining the research process.

One of the more beneficial aspects of researching MJNA’s Facebook page is the history of activities. If you aren’t familiar, Facebook has “cascading dropdown” feature whereby as you continue to scroll down, new information is added for viewing. The site goes back to 2011 and has an eclectic history of MJNA company information, industry growth and evolution, as well as company news. You can really gauge the growth by how sparse the number of posts are in the earlier years when contrasted with the explosion of information that’s been posted this year alone.

Now if you have more of a trader mentality or just want to get updates more quickly, the HempMedsPX™ Twitter site provides an excellent source of information for current events and announcements. The HempMedsPX™ team will report from events in near real-time, and Twitter is the perfect platform for such news. Twitter has come a long way since its inception and now includes photos and links. The site also has the cascading-dropdown feature so researching company “tweets” is a snap.

While the roots of social media are derived from those wishing to form communities and networks to share information, social media utility has evolved into indispensible tools for businesses that want to embrace transparency and want to connect with their patrons. Through social media, you get is the company’s message augmented by user comments that provides a mode of checks and balances that investors should use to stay abreast of when looking for signs of potential shifts in market sentiment.

If you’re looking for specific product information, below are some of the products marketed by HempMedsPX™ and their Facebook pages:

The HempMedsPX™ Facebook page may be found here.

Social medial is especially important for start-up companies looking to expand product knowledge and foster loyalty through engagement with their customers. Luckily for investors, this consolidation of knowledge provides an excellent source of research to augment the periodic press releases and bland financials. Social media provides an excellent tool for investors and it’s actually a lot of fun, too!

Disclosure: I am an investor in MJNA and this article was written on behalf of Medical Marijuana, Inc.