Brazil Minerals

Marc Fogassa, Chairman and CEO of BMIX, called in to to provide the SCV listening audience as well as the BMIX shareholders with his personal insights into the recent news for the Company. The Company recently announced  that it has sold a lot of GIA-graded polished diamonds to a U.S. based investor group for future delivery. Prior to this event, BMIX had only sold unpolished, rough diamonds as well as gold to local Brazilian buyers. In addition, BMIX also announced that it had closed a transaction with a U.S. family trust in which it received funding directed at the purchase of capital equipment which will be used primarily at its Mineração Duas Barras Ltda. (“Duas Barras”) gold and diamond mining property in Brazil. The equipment purchased with these funds will be used to replace expensive rented equipment currently operating on the Duas Barras property.

Brazil Minerals, Inc. (OTCQB: BMIX), a U.S. corporation, is a diversified mining company with revenues generated from the sales of rough and polished diamonds as well as gold. BMIX also has various ownership interests in gold, titanium, vanadium, and iron projects in Brazil. More information on BMIX, including an investor presentation, can be found at