Valdor Technology International Inc. (VTIFF)

Elston Johnston, Director and Chairman of the Board for Valdor Technology International Inc. ( called into to go over the highlights on the amazing year for the Company that was 2013, the business model, markets, management team, goals for Valdor (VTIFF) and much more. Valdor is a high technology fiber optic components company specializing in the design and manufacture of new generation fiber optic connectors, enclosures, laser pigtails and other optical and optoelectronic components using its proprietary and patented Impact Mount™ and HeptoPort™ technologies. The Impact Mount™ technology incorporated in the Valdor line of connectors is user friendly and environmentally friendly. This technology is all-mechanical with no epoxy or index matching gel required. The Impact Mount™ technology field installable termination kits and connectors are ideal for harsh environment applications and quick repair in the field. Valdor holds several patents on its connector technology in strategic global regions.