Blue Marble Biomaterials



Colby Underwood, Co-Chief Executive Officer / Chief Business Officer for Blue Marble Biomaterials, called back in to for a follow up to our first interview with him. Colby goes over an example of how the Company’s technology will help their partners, their suppliers, the consumers of their bio safe products and ultimately their investors. Colby outlines this win, win, win, win process in this exciting new audio interview.

About Blue Marble
Our sustainable biochemicals solve a modern dilemma: producing the ingredients we need for the things we use and consume without relying on materials and processes that negatively impact our environment. Here are some commonly asked questions about our company, our processes, and our offerings.

Does Blue Marble make end-products?
No. We don’t produce the end products, we manufacture the ingredients that manufacturers need to make products. We provide renewable and natural replacements for the petrochemicals they usually purchase.

Will manufacturers actually make the switch?
We believe they will. By using biomass (organic materials) that would otherwise go to waste, Blue Marble is able to provide non-GMO natural ingredients at a relatively low cost, making it an enticing and viable option for manufacturers interested in growing their share of or entering into the eco-friendly marketplace. Indeed, some manufacturers are already making the switch by purchasing Blue Marble products (Blue Marble currently sells a limited number of products).

What is the Blue Marble process?
The solution lies in biological and chemical processes that have already been tested by mother nature over thousands of years. Our patented process utilizes by-product plant material streams from food/beverage manufacturers as well as the agricultural and forestry industries in conjunction with managed ecosystems of bacteria to produce complex chemical compounds. These compounds are refined using green chemical processes. Click here to learn more.

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