Global Boatworks Holdings, Inc.  (GBBT)

Robert Rowe, CEO of Global Boatworks Holdings, Inc. (OTC GBBT) called in to, Inc. to go over his Company’s exciting new company. Global Boatworks builds, sells, and rents Luxury Floating Vessels. Their vessels are literally luxury homes that float. They have stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, fireplaces, roman tubs, floor to ceiling windows, electric blinds, heated towel racks, etc. The Luxuria Floating vessel is a true luxury home that just happens to float.

The majestic waterways and unparallelled sunny days of Florida are enough to entice anyone to move to the Sunshine State. Many companies have relocated to Florida, especially if their business growth is dependent on warm weather and an abundance of rivers and oceanfront properties. These conditions became a necessity for Global Boatworks, LLC, who were in the process of developing floating vessels for residential and commercial use in Boston, MA. The first model, Miss Leah, was successfully launched in Boston Harbor to become the first of its kind as a Flotel or Floating Hotel in the State.

While the success of Miss Leah prompted the developer, Robert Rowe, to continue with the plans, the weather related seasonal limitation of Massachusetts resulted in moving the future projects to sunny Florida.

In the past, Mr. Rowe has founded and operated multiple highly successful construction firms in Massachusetts, working on several high-end projects. He has also worked as an independent construction consultant in Boston and South Florida for the past several years. In 2014 the Global Boatworks, LLC was established in South Florida and released the plans for their newest model, Luxuria.

Global Boatworks, LLC (“the Company”) is a multifaceted boat-building and vacation-rental company that operates out of Pompano Beach, Florida. The Company has previously built a highly successful rental houseboat in Boston, and currently has designed a state-of-the-art luxury floating home that will launch in the South Florida market. Global Boatworks will immediately build two flagship showcase models of its modern “Luxuria” floating home, which features: Floor-to-ceiling windows; a chef-quality kitchen; spacious bedrooms; spa-like bathrooms; big-screen TV; two large decks; and two outboard engines.

They will be docked in the exclusive marinas in South Florida and offered for sale and short-term rentals for vacationers, business travelers, and special events.

Keys to Success

  • Obtain capital to fund operations
  • Complete build-out of flagship Luxuria models in timely manner
  • Leverage experience of owners with proven track record of success in construction and business development
  • Utilizing a highly experienced project team with design-build skills
  • Creating robust marketing programs to target the hospitality and boating markets
  • Staying relevant to vacationers and boat buyers with continued product enhancements
  • Managing internal finances and cash flow to facilitate upward capital growth


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