Brazil Minerals Inc (BMIX)

Marc Fogassa, Chairman and CEO of BMIX, called in to to discuss the recent news for the company including  the announcement regarding that BMIX had sold its first lot of cut and polished diamonds from its Duas Barras plant to a Brazilian jewelry chain. The Company also announced, that because of interest in its projects from the region, BMIX has added an advisor with business presence in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, and is in the process of finalizing an agreement for a representational office for BMIX in Beijing. Finally, the Company announced that Joseph Ramelli has joined the company as Vice President, Finance & Business Development. Moreover, BMIX has added Christopher Hayes and Richard Burnstein to its Board of Advisors.

Brazil Minerals, Inc. (OTCQB: BMIX), a U.S. corporation, is a diversified mining company with revenues from sales of rough and polished diamonds as well as gold, and ownership of interests in projects in gold, titanium, vanadium, and iron in Brazil. More information on BMIX, including an investor presentation, can be found at