PositiveID Corporation (PSID)

Lyle Probst, President of Microfluidic Systems, a subsidiary of PositiveID Corporation (PSID), a developer of biological detection and diagnostics solutions, called into SmallCapVoice.com to go over the M-BAND and Firefly biodetection technologies.

PositiveID’s M-BAND system, developed under contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology directorate, is a bio-aerosol monitor with fully integrated systems for sample collection, processing and detection modules that continuously analyze air samples for the detection of bacteria, viruses, and toxins. Results are reported via a secure wireless network in real time to give an accurate and up to date status for fielded instruments.

The goal of Firefly is to take the Company’s patented molecular diagnostic technology underlying M-BAND, and implement it in a handheld device that can be used anywhere, anytime to test for biological agents. Firefly is being designed as a portable, point-of-need molecular diagnostic system to provide test results from sample input through reporting of results in less than 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of test performed. Firefly is expected to quickly process human and agricultural samples to provide accurate confirmation of biological threats via a smart-phone application. The Company believes the target markets for Firefly include military field deployments, remote areas with limited or no access to healthcare, border locations and others.