Kannaway LLC (MJNA)

We’re always in search of other leaders in the cannabis industry who support and provide products to those who utilize the healing powers of medicinal marijuana and other similar products. Kannaway LLC is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA). Kannaway reigns as the first lifestyle network to provide hemp-based botanical products to consumers. Their innovated products supply consumers with access to herbal blends and oils that support health and wellness through natural means.

Who Kannaway Is

Kannaway continuously strives to provide individuals with holistically sound choices for supplements and skincare products. They’re the first direct marketing company of its kind to give consumers access to legal hemp products. In 2014, the Academy of Multi-level Marketing awarded them with the title of “Start-up of the Year,” which was attributed to their rapid growth and solid foundation. Today, they’re continuing to guide the path of the cannabis market in the right direction–up. They’re proving that the sky truly is the limit when it comes to this industry.

The Kannaway Team

Kannaway has developed a worldwide following. Their brand ambassadors have passion and a strong drive to promote the benefits of their products. Those who work behind the scenes to create the products use a combination of science and a belief in the powerful impact hemp has on the mind and body in order to develop everything from beauty products to nutritional supplements to vapes. The individuals who are responsible for developing these products have experience and an educational backing to create high-quality products geared to healing and overall wellness. The team consists of doctors and herbologists who understand the mechanism of action of hemp and the other active ingredients in the products.

Brands Kannaway Carries

Cannabis Beauty Defined® is a product line created for both men and women to utilize hemp oil for its anti-aging effects. This diverse lineup of skincare products consists of zero fragrances, sulfates, parabens or dyes. This particular product line features everything from toners to cleansers to moisturizers, so those who purchase the products can use the entire line for all of their skincare needs.

Rev!ve™ is a CBD hemp oil supplement group crafted to boost energy and rebalance the nutrient values within the body. The line consists of salves, capsules and tinctures. While these naturopathic supplements optimize energy levels during the day, they also help to encourage a restful night’s sleep, which aids in regulating a person’s sleep cycle.

As the first oil vaporizer product available to consumers, HempVĀP® gives users the ability to intake the hemp flavors in a safer way. It doesn’t consist of a nicotine-infused juice that’s found in most vapes or electronic cigarettes. It doesn’t produce any smoke, nor does it induce a high.

Most recently Kannaway has added even more to its consumer product offerings including Premium Hemp Oil which boasts the highest concentration of CBD available made completely legal using industrial hemp from Europe. Additionally, they offer a 100% THC-FREE (the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant) that even professionally athletes can use and still fully pass drug screening.

Also this year, Kannaway introduced Kannaway Energy Chews defy the traditional perception of standard fruit chews. They use natural ingredients that deliver sustained energy to keep a person mentally and physically active throughout the day. These fruit chews contain CBD hemp oil and 100 mg of caffeine through a delayed-released formula. The caffeine in the product is about equivalent to one cup of strong coffee. Unlike traditional fruit snacks, it doesn’t contain all the sugar and artificial ingredients, nor does it have all the calories.

Just this week Kannaway announced its newest product line, Kannaway Essential Oils in hopes of capturing some market share of the essential oil market which is expected to reach $14 billion by 2024 according to a report by Grand View Research.

Kannaway’s Latest Triumph

Kannaway held the 2017 IGNITE! National Convention in Scottsdale, AZ. Representatives, as well as, the CEO and president of Kannaway drew attention to their products, business and mission during the two-day event. Kannaway was honored to be acknowledged at the event as they continue to pave new paths for those who are in the hemp industry. Prior to the convention–which was held on May 19th and 20th–Kannaway celebrated 11X monthly sales growth. Additionally, on May 19th, Kannaway’s most successful ambassadors hosted a prestigious black-tie event. Those who attended the event were empowered and enlightened on leadership techniques.

To become ambassadors of Kannaway and their products, individuals across the United States are able to tune into their weekly conferences and meetings.

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