AppSwarm, Corp. is Making Solid Moves in Growing Virtual Reality Industry

In today’s world, especially with so many other games and apps on the market, it’s difficult to get your idea out there, no matter how good it is. We encourage developers to place confidence in their idea and use our services to get their game developed and on the market quickly. At AppSwarm (OTC: SWRM), we focus on various aspects of the launch of an app. Our company works on the difficult aspects of the launching process while the developer just sits back and watches the idea become a reality.

Who We Are

AppSwarm is a publicly traded company who helps developers through every aspect of launching their app including the technological, financial and marketing parts of your idea. We accelerate the idea, so you’re able to watch its success sooner. We team with developers via royalty agreements, joint ventures, outright purchases and marketing partnerships, so each developer finds payment terms ideal for his or her needs.

Our company consists of two main players–Ron Brewer, CEO, and John Rabbitt, Director of Finance. Brewer has a leadership background and has served as director of an advisory board since 1990. Rabbitt has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Pillsbury and Pepsi and has held both COO and CFO positions for multimillion-dollar firms.

Why 2017 Was Such a Big Year for Us

AppSwarm is proud to announce a partnership between us and Winrock Financial LTD as of June 2017. The deal is a $1,000,000-agreement, and Winrock is our first acquisition capital partner. Winrock has offices in Belize and London and anticipates attracting other capital, which will allow all of us to take on new endeavors. As of right now, AppSwarm is discussing business with three mobile gaming industry firms. Although AppSwarm focuses on acquisition and development projects, we also have publishing opportunities for diversity and growth within the company available immediately.

Additionally, in June of 2017, we started the marketing launch of the virtual reality game, Komandir. In the game, the commander of the platoon is the only person to survive. The character must then survive an ambush. The character must also shoot enemies and blow up tanks along his journeys. The plotline consists of a full battle scene. Developed by a Russian development company, Shooterboy Entertainment, the concept of the game revolves around VR and is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The graphics and definition of the virtual gaming experience are phenomenal, and something AppSwarm is proud to have taken a part of. This venture is another aspect of AppSwarm’s expected income because of how popular VR is and how quickly the idea is expected to spread.

AppSwarm is honored to declare the acquisition of “Soccers,” a game from the reputable mobile game developer, TGTStudios. Soccers is a pocket-sized soccer game available on iTunes. This powerful, time-robbing game allows users to steal, block, pass and shoot just like a traditional soccer game. The game monitors the teams’ speed, defense and morale as well as their dribbling and shooting abilities. Those who download the game are able to choose from soccer teams from countries like England, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, USA, China, Spain and Italy. Users are able to play in 2v2 or 3v3 tournaments and are able to select between multiple game modes in addition to multiple game difficulties including practice, easy, medium, hard and expert. Players may monitor and upgrade team stats.

Future of AppSwarm

The future of AppSwarm is uncertain, although one aspect of the company is certain, it’s just going to continue to grow and flourish. With many more endeavors in the discussion process, the company will not limit itself. The gaming industry could see a huge impact from the company. This is especially the case for the virtual gaming industry because a Virtual Industry Report from Greenlight Insights projects continual growth in the VR industry, and by the time 2021 rolls around, Greenlight Insights expects VR to stimulate growth that’ll create a major global content marketplace. In the latest Spring 2017 Virtual Reality Industry report, Greenlight Insights forecasts that virtual reality revenue will reach an estimated $7.2 billion globally by the end of this year. Head-mounted displays (HMDs) account for $4.7 billion of the expected revenue alone.

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