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HempMeds® Brazil

HempMeds Brazil Scores Key Legal Victory and Gains Notoriety

HempMeds® Brazil

Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC MJNA) has received recognition over the past year for its innovative products and successful marketing, which have made it a forerunner in the field of medicinal marijuana. The company and its subsidiary, Kannaway, accomplished record sales over the course of the past year. Now, another of Medical Marijuana Inc.’s subsidiaries, HempMeds®, is proving itself as a revolutionary as well, reforming the traditional views on marijuana in Brazil.

Who is HempMeds® Brazil?

HempMeds® is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc., which is a company that focuses on cannabis and hemp products. HempMeds® Brazil is the first company to gain legal approval to ship cannabis-related products into Brazil. All three products currently manufactured by HempMeds® Brazil are subsidized under Brazil’s health care system through the government. Their products are designed to treat conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s as well as chronic pain. As of now, the company …

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Oncolix, Inc. Corporate’s Moves Highlight a Company Making the Right Moves at the Right Time

In today’s world, when a company takes the next step is just as important as the strides the company takes. This is especially the case when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs in high demand appearing at exactly the right time have the ability to benefit the business as well as patients. Changes in the infrastructure of a business at exactly the right time have the ability to promote growth, which ultimately benefits the patients. Oncolix, Inc. is proving this is the case.

Who is Oncolix, Inc.

Oncolix, Inc. (OTC: AEPP) is a biotechnology company developing the drug, Prolanta™. This particular medication is a treatment for uterine, breast, ovarian and other cancers. As of now, the company has gained U.S. FDA clearance to proceed with human testing for the drug for the treatment of ovarian cancer. The Phase I clinical trial of Prolanta™ began in 2016 as a …

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MJNA Numbers Don’t Lie This is a Company on the Rise

Medical Marijuana, Inc. has earned its title as a leader in the medical marijuana industry. It’s pioneering the way for more acceptance of medicinal marijuana as well as deriving revolutionary products. Today, the company is yet again proving itself and standing stronger than ever with record sales for a month.

Who is Medical Marijuana, Inc.?

Medical Marijuana, Inc, is a premier hemp and cannabis industry leader. With innovative ideas from experts in the field, the company is continuing to develop unique products that benefit overall health and wellness. The company focuses on creating awareness about the cannabis industry. The company develops environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Additionally, Medical Marijuana, Inc. increases shareholder value with each and every product they develop.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. touts about being a company of firsts. It’s the first publicly traded cannabis company ever in the United States. Moreover, it’s the first direct sales and network …

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MJNA Offers the Ideal Option for Athletes in Massive Recovery Market

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is a company that carved out a significant section of a highly competitive market in 2016 and 2017, and it stands to gain even more traction on the international market in the years to come. A major international move for the company promises to expand its market share and yield new growth opportunities in a global sphere.

Medical Marijuana Markets in the United States

It is estimated that the legal marijuana industry has a value of $7.1 billion in the United States alone. This figure is expected to see continued growth throughout the remainder of 2017 and well into 2018 as the American public and medical community become more aware of the benefits of CBD oil products. While this figure includes both legal recreational and medicinal use in the United States, medical marijuana products show unprecedented potential for market growth due to their versatile treatment indications.

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Cancer Research: Compelling and Complex

According to the IMS Institute for Health Informatics, a leading industry data analysis firm, in 2013 $92 billion dollars was spent globally by consumers and health insurance companies on cancer drugs. In the coming years, this is expected to increase to well over $100 billion.

How We Got Here

The efforts and results of the Human Genome Project, culminating in the completion of a high-quality sequencing of the entire human genome, pushed the door wide open for today’s cancer research and drug development industry.

The Human Genome Project clarified the structure and organization of the genome and identified many human genes. The project also sequenced the genomes of other species, including the fruit fly and the mouse. This allowed for comparison and identification of the differences and similarities between the genomes of species, a process that helps to uncover the role and functions of particular genes. This comparison has …

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Oncolix Creates a Drug That Could Change Gynecological Cancer Treatment

According to Florida Hospital, approximately 80,000 women receive a gynecological cancer diagnosis in the United States each year. About half of all gynecological cancer diagnoses are uterine cancer, which contributes to 8,000 deaths each year while ovarian cancer causes 16,000 deaths annually. Oncolix saw a need for an improvement in the current treatment protocol, thus arose Prolanta (G129R).

Background Regarding Oncolix

Oncolix (Pink Sheets: AEPP) is a Houston-based biotechnology company dedicated to the improvement of cancer treatment. Oncolix’s management team has experience in various aspects of innovative pharmaceutical solutions including clinical development, trial management, manufacturing and licensure. Oncolix’s CEO, Michael Redman, has more than 25 years of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. He has consummated licensing deals with several revered pharmaceutical companies. The company’s main focus is centered around the drug Prolanta™, which has shown promising results as a breakthrough drug for gynecological cancer treatment. The company commenced operations …

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