MJNA and its portfolio company AXIM continue to make headlines for revolutionary cannabinoid product lines, including cannabinoid chewing gum.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC MJNA) and its portfolio company AXIM® Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTC:AXIM) continue to make headlines for revolutionary cannabinoid product lines, including cannabinoid chewing gum.

CanChew® Gum is the first cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil chewing gum created using AXIM® Biotech’s U.S. licensed patent for chewing gum (Chewing Gum Compositions Comprising Cannabinoids, Patent 9023322) as a delivery method for cannabinoids.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is known for its collaboration with experts in the medical field and its continual development of new and exciting cannabis-based products. Because the ingredients used in the products are not addictive, they present a unique alternative to many habit-forming prescription treatment options. With the opioid epidemic worsening each year, the products offered by Medical Marijuana, Inc. and AXIM® Biotech are making a noticeable difference in the world by providing patients with non-addictive treatment alternatives.

All AXIM® Biotech products are thoroughly tested through clinical trials and formulated in a tightly controlled laboratory setting, making them safe, predictable and effective. AXIM® Biotech holds the exclusive license for cannabinoid release gum and in the third quarter of 2015 launched CanChew Plus®, an organic food-grade product that has already revolutionized the industrial hemp and cannabis industry.

According to CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. Dr. Stuart Titus, the cannabinoid chewing gum patent is the culmination of years of hard work and will make medical marijuana easier to access and use for patients around the country. Having more treatment options available in different delivery systems is important for patients who may not be able to ingest treatment in a specific form. In addition, chewable cannabinoids make medical marijuana more convenient for patients since chewing gum is a socially accepted consumer activity and it can be done anywhere.

CanChew® is an in-demand product in the $300 billion global nutrition industry, offering an innovative delivery system for natural ingredients. Because no prescription is necessary to purchase CanChew®, it is highly accessible. The gum is also fully functional as a food item, making it safe and convenient for medicinal delivery. CanChew® products are non-habit forming and available in all 50 states. Offered in a pleasant mint flavor with no artificial preservatives, this non-GMO product is poised to succeed in the natural products market. AXIM® Biotech continues to develop products like CanChew® that address many of the problems faced by American consumers who spend over $300 billion on medications each year.

MedChew Rx™

MedChew Rx™, an AXIM® Biotech breakthrough invention on pace to be fully registered by the EMA and FDA by the end of 2017, is the world’s first patented cannabinoid (THC/CBD) controlled-release chewing gum. Recently featured by Reuters global news agency, MedChew Rx™ will change the way that medicine is delivered to patients worldwide. In direct comparison to a sublingually delivered cannabis-based product currently on the market for multiple sclerosis (MS), the Reuters article explains the potential for MedChew Rx™ at an estimated $4.8 billion USD – for spasticity and pain associated with MS.

CanChew® in the News

CanChew® has been featured in a multitude of publications including Healthy Living Magazine, the Healthy Living Foundation, Yahoo Finance and Readers Digest Magazine. AXIM® Biotech’s first planned Cannabigerol toothpaste, known as Orimax, has also received attention from Vogue Magazine and CNN Money. With a robust IP pipeline, AXIM® Biotech continues to draw national coverage and set the tone for the discussion on the effectiveness of medical marijuana products. This type of media attention helps counter the stigma associated with medical marijuana products through education and exposure to these viable new products and treatment options.

“Medical Marijuana, Inc. has ultimately created access to the world’s first and largest non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil pipeline,” said Dr. Titus. As the innovation continues, more countries around the world will ease restrictions on Medical Marijuana, Inc. products as Mexico’s President Nieto has done in part as a response to the life-changing cannabis products produced by the company. This will allow more patients to experience the real results that come from scientifically formulated cannabis oil products in a variety of treatment forms.

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