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AXIM Biotech has recently made headlines with the filing of an IP application for a unique method to extract THC from cannabis. The most unique aspect of this proprietary extraction technique is that it is capable of extracting 95 percent of pure THC content from cannabis. This patent will allow AXIM to make revolutionary gains in medical marijuana research. Previously, it has been difficult for scientists to conduct research on THC as it has not been extracted as a stand-alone compound. AXIM‘s new extraction technique will allow the company’s research and development team to gain greater control during studies that test its effectiveness under different concentrations and conditions.

About THC Extraction

The IP application, filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, is designed specifically to extract tetrahydrocannabinol acid from cannabis. This makes it possible to create formulations that are more highly concentrated than those created with traditional extraction methods. Most methods produce THC-A of between 50 and 70 percent purity. AXIM‘s method marks a significant increase in purity at higher than 95 percent.

The lower-purity method of extraction uses non-polar solvents to extract THC-A. AXIM‘s method utilizes a water/ethanol solution to decarboxylate the THC-A content. After collaborating with a company in the Netherlands for the IP application, AXIM‘s pure grade extraction positions the company for even greater success in the field of medical marijuana research.

AXIM Research and Development

AXIM CEO Dr. George Anastassov explained that the company is excited about the new patent since it will allow them to protect their research methods in the future. The difference in the purity of THC-A content produced by this extraction method will not only allow AXIM researchers to gain a deeper understanding of its structure and properties but to create a wider range of formulations as well. With pure grade THC, more effective products can be produced without increasing the quantity of cannabis plants used. Although there are other pure grade THC products available on the market, the AXIM method produces the purest possible THC content. This means high-THC content without the metals and other unwanted materials that accompany other products. This development allows consumers to experience the life-changing benefits of THC products without contaminants.

The new patent is far from the only recent achievement of AXIM‘s research and development team. The company has also produced a variety of unique formulations with different delivery methods, making it easier for patients with different metabolic needs to access cannabis treatment. By protecting its unique research and development methods, AXIM is able to remain at the forefront of the medical marijuana and cannabis product industries. Protection of proprietary products and methods is essential to the growth of any company that focuses on research since it allows the brand to move forward and introduce new products to the market without the fear of replication.

AXIM’s Financial Future

The financial outlook for AXIM Biotech in 2017 is promising as the company and its leaders continue to make sound decisions when it comes to product protections and new partnerships. The IP application was the result of a partnership with Syncom B.V., a custom synthesis solutions company operating in the Netherlands. Because AXIM chooses its business partners carefully, the company is able to collaborate with the most qualified professionals in the industry to bring even more unique products to consumers. AXIM investors will also benefit from the new patent as it opens the door for a variety of new pure grade formulations in AXIM‘s ever-growing product pipeline.

Despite the vast number of products available through AXIM’s product pipeline, each one is still tested with the same rigorous clinical standards to ensure the utmost quality. The new extraction method will allow AXIM developers to continue creating the highest-quality THC products with even greater efficiency. Consumers around the world already benefit from AXIM‘s existing product line for the treatment of a variety of health conditions, from the symptoms of epilepsy to multiple sclerosis. From reducing the frequency and severity of seizures to treating chronic pain and spasticity, AXIM‘s products give patients the opportunity to seek relief without the side effects associated with many traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Improved extraction methods mean more options for consumers, which translates to an even greater opportunity for AXIM to lead the way in the cannabis industry.

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