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Progressive Care, Inc. (RXMD)

Rumored Walmart Deal Adds Value and More to the Progressive Care Approach

Walmart is rumored to be going after PillPack, a start-up company that bundles pills together into convenient pouches for easy access and use. Patients are increasingly turning to convenience packaging because it allows them to know exactly what they’re supposed to take and when. PillPack is an online pharmacy offering at-home delivery, providing even more reason to stay compliant with prescribed medication. Their business is built upon improving the customer’s experience, from the beginning to the end. While it’s currently unclear if this deal will go through, sources say that Walmart is offering PillPack just under $1 billion for the company.

PillPack is just one start-up in the pharmaceutical industry trying to increase the level of patient care in response to an increasingly impersonal system. Another company making headlines in the pharmaceutical world for their unique approach and novel concepts is Progressive Care, Inc. (OTC QB: RXMD). Progressive Care, …

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With a New Focus and New Markets to Tap Into, 2018 Will be a Year to Remember for MedX Holdings, Inc.

There’s a lot to be said for the people who appreciate both the art of business as well as the value of physical work. Too often in business, CEOs are so focused on the numbers that they forget the real story behind those numbers. The CEO of MedX Holdings, Inc. (OTC: MEDH), Mark Miller, may have started with a formal background in accounting, but he had too much experience (and passion) for construction in the great state of Minnesota to let that love go.

This year sees MEDH starting to make major strides in the real estate industry, with Miller intent on acquiring like-minded businesses to further drive his mission for quality work and substantial profits. See how his education and talent is helping him grow his business, and how he plans to use that momentum to catapult him into more industries and opportunities.

Investor Basics

Miller’s company seeks …

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While social media is an ever growing industry, recent revelations about data selling have shaken things up for one of the biggest platforms. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has issued public apologies to Facebook users in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the heart of the scandal is the discovery that Facebook sold inappropriately obtained user data. This led to a Federal Trade Commission probe as well as a European Union investigation and several different class-action lawsuits.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal occurred in 2014, but it could have a major impact on Facebook’s 2018 profits. As part of the FTC investigation, it was discovered that Facebook also collected call log data from Android users. Multiple advertisers have announced plans to stop advertising on Facebook and shares fell 14 percent the week the scandal broke. Facebook has also had to lower its price target significantly. While some estimate that this …

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Who Can Benefit from the New Social Media Platform From is a new open platform service that helps businesses, professionals, and individuals alike reach their target audience. In today’s world, everyone knows that content is king, which means everyone is creating more and more content – most of which is never seen or read. But makes it possible for users to find a demographic who is legitimately interested in what they have to say, so they have a better chance of growing their base. Ultimately, plans to break through the clutter so people always have access to the information they need and want to see. See how it works, and who is most likely to benefit from

How It Works

Every service that offers is an attempt to stop the endless game of hide-and-seek that people are constantly playing when they’re on the internet. It’s not necessarily a person’s job to have the best …

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Who is Truly Making and Serving Clean, Healthy Food?

There isn’t a lot of regulation today when it comes to how foods are labeled to the general public. Yes, they have to include calorie counts and ingredients of course, but they don’t necessarily have to account for the impression they give consumers about the healthiness of their product. They may tell people that a snack or beverage is ‘good for them’, when in reality, it’s the exact opposite. See why this is, and how Hip Cuisine Inc. (OTC: HIPC) is attempting to shift the paradigm for health-conscious consumers everywhere.

Health Foods May Not Be Very Healthy

A typical energy bar on a shelf may be able to give you a boost of protein so you don’t reach for the potato chips during your mid-day break but that doesn’t mean you made the right choice for your body. The truth is that most healthy foods are so packed with …

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RXMD Planning to Acquire Pharmacy in Palm Beach County

Progressive Care Inc. (OTC QB: RXMD) has been moving at lightning speed in the past few months as their revenue has ramped up and their leadership has solidified their goals. The company is using this momentum to strike while the iron is hot. Recently, they’ve taken the next step to buy a pharmacy in Palm Beach County by executing a letter of intent. This is a huge step for crystallizing the company’s presence in such a heavily populated county and this move fits in with the rest of their plans.

One of the costliest problems that health care companies are dealing with are the readmissions. Healthcare institutions, like hospitals and rehabs, are being penalized if the patient is readmitted within 30 days. One of the few reasons why patients are being readmitted within 30 days is non-adherence to prescribed medications. The pharmacy Progressive Care Inc. is acquiring specializes in providing …

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