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Icon Media Holdings (OTC ICNM) is a wireless technology solutions company that offers a variety of wireless engineering services as well as Wi-Fi consulting to enterprise-level clients. The wireless market is currently experiencing unprecedented growth and development with seven-figure projections for the in-building wireless market alone. In fact, in-building wireless connectivity has been heralded as the “fourth utility,” presenting a significant opportunity for companies such as ICNM.

The State of the Wireless Industry

The in-building wireless market reached a staggering $4.83 billion in 2015, and research shows that it will likely grow to $16.71 billion by the year 2020. North America represents the largest market for wireless technical services, but wireless interference and other connectivity issues present an opportunity for businesses operating on an international scale as well.

Mobile Technology

One of the primary reasons behind the explosive growth of the wireless industry is the prevalence of mobile technology, such as tablets and smartphones. While it was once common for consumers to carry only one mobile device, the number of consumers who own more than one mobile device has grown from 8 percent in 2011 to 25 percent in 2016. With a quarter of the mobile market operating on more than one device, cellular technical services such as reliable distributed antenna systems, small cell networks and RF mitigation are more in-demand than ever before.

Virtual Reality and Wireless

Virtual reality is another technology application that is changing the landscape of the wireless industry. Augmented and virtual reality technology have a variety of applications, ranging from gaming to therapeutic and medical uses. 5G network connectivity is the key to successful AR/VR performance since it allows for better network uniformity. 5G networks offer 10 times the throughput and 100 times the traffic capacity of 4G networks, promoting more efficient video streaming, download times and remote control abilities.

ICNM and the Changing Market

ICNM and its subsidiary, Spectrum Velocity, LLC, play an important role in the developing wireless industry. Some of the most in-demand services offered by ICNM include:

  • DAS
  • Wi-Fi Consulting
  • RF Mitigation
  • Small Cell Networks

These services allow enterprise clients to provide improved cellular coverage to tenants and visitors to their establishments. For this reason, Spectrum focuses on providing turnkey small cell network services and DAS systems for large venues and property owners. For example, RF mitigation services are important for residential property owners who wish to provide their tenants with a high-quality network connection uninhibited by RF interference, a common occurrence on any shared network. In an age where digital communication is not only convenient but necessary, cellular interference can significantly affect any business or venue’s bottom line. From cellular and wireless antenna design to overall Wi-Fi consulting in order to optimize new construction projects for wireless connectivity, Spectrum Velocity comes alongside its enterprise clients to develop custom-tailored solutions for real world problems.

In addition to technical consulting for venue and property owners, Spectrum Velocity also works with a variety of clients in the government and military, broadcast and general wireless industries. Thanks to a system-based approach to wireless network development, the company is able to generate measurable outcomes for its clients.

The Future of Wireless

Customization is one of the most important factors when it comes to serving enterprise clients in the wireless industry. For this reason, Spectrum Velocity works with each client to determine the strengths and weaknesses of any existing infrastructure so it can be improved upon in the future. Cellular and Wi-Fi networks work in close conjunction to provide network access to consumers who increasingly expect to stay connected wherever they go. In order to meet those demands, enterprise clients need optimized infrastructure that is built with flexibility in mind. From AR/VR technology to the development of the mobile device market, Spectrum Velocity is uniquely poised to address the changing needs of its enterprise clients.

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