Eagle Spirit High Alkaline Bottled Water

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: RMHB) is set to take their products from the local level to the national level, one of those products is a naturally high alkaline spring water bottled under the brand Eagle Spirit Spring Water. Even though bottled water already has a slew of choices, the Company has a passionate fan and employee base and selling points that caused investors to pick up and take notice. There are concrete benefits that RMHB has managed to tap into, and their commitment to health is well documented. Learn more about the history, values and hopes of the Company.

Better Ingredients, Better Products

RMHB is based in Dallas, and they started with hemp-based products. Most people aren’t aware of just how much this natural substance can be used to strengthen the body, and create a better balance from the inside out. RMHB has established brand ambassadors who are just as dedicated to bringing the public what they need, and they fully support the all-natural products RMHB creates, from their beverages to their foods. It doesn’t hurt that everything is free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners which is exactly what retailers and consumers are both craving right now.

Natural Energy, Natural Health

Before high alkaline spring water, there were hemp-infused beverages, hemp infused energy shots and brownies. This company has discovered how hemp can help lower your cholesterol, and contains fiber your body craves. The beet sugar used in the product serves to give the body an energy boost that actually keeps you going rather than giving you an intense high followed by an equally intense crash. Most energy drinks rely on taurine, which can have truly horrendous effects on the body. Real health means making the most of the ingredients from the Earth and that’s exactly the motto that RMBH lives by. Their success has helped propel them into the bottled water market, and they have very big plans for it.

Distribution and Marketing

RMHB has onboarded Rick Depp as the Director of Technical Services, and he happens to be an expert on all things water. When the market is so crowded, there absolutely needs to be a way to stand out from the pack. RMHB is a public (fully reporting) consumer goods Company that goes to market under the Rocky Mountain High and Eagle Spirit Spring Water brand, and plans to start with conglomerates like 7-11, Costco and Sam’s Club. These huge chains support local business in Texas, and the boost should be exactly what they need to get the product out to more people. The Company also keeps their products price competitive, which is sure to be an attractive feature for any buyer.

Taste and Feel the Difference

Eagle Spirit Spring Water comes from an underground aquifer directly from the Ancestral Rocky Mountains, and has a naturally high alkalinity of pH 7.8. This high alkaline spring water was used by last the Comanche Eagle Doctor to heal her patients, and it promises to treat the body with the respect it deserves. Along with Rick Depp, the Company is confident that they can use their experience and knowledge of water and consumers in such a way that will satisfy everyone that touches the product. It contains no additives or enhancements, it is naturally high in alkalinity and high in minerals, it improves hydration and oxygenation in the body, and enhances the immune system and detoxifies the body.

RMHB brings to market foods and beverages that cater to what the public needs – even when they don’t know they need it just yet. Cold and refreshing beverages can give you just the right amount of zest you need to make it through the rest of your day. RMHB makes both full-size energy drinks and convenient energy shots, but there is no competition here between the two types of beverages. The high alkaline water is an entirely separate category, and therefore marketed to a different audience.

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