In interviews with host Stuart T. Smith of listeners were educated about a relatively new company called Blue Marble Biomaterials. Colby Underwood, Co-Chief Executive Officer / Chief Business Officer of Blue Marble Biomaterials talked about the company’s markets and their most exciting technologies that investors might want to pay attention to.

Blue Marble Biomaterials started in 2006 by answering the question, “How can we capitalize on biomass?”. To put it another way, the company noticed that other companies around the world treated their biomass, which is the resulting byproduct of producing a product, as waste. However, the guys at Blue Marble Biomaterials saw biomass as a way to not only generate revenues, but to offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum based ingredients that consumers find in many products, such as food additives and fragrances. They do this by using the biomass (waste) produced from other companies to create clean, natural ingredients for green minded consumers.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the “stuff” leftover from the products you consume? For instance, where does all the tomato pulp go after canning tomato sauce? Or all the seeds from your favorite Florida orange juice? What about the biomass produced from the millions of products manufactured annually all over the world? Typically, biomass is hauled away to a landfill, a composting facility or to farms as animal feed for pigs, cattle, and chickens. Blue Marble Biomaterials saw something else in this biomass and figured out how to use it to make new revenue streams.

Do you know how crude oil is made? Most people don’t.

What Blue Marble Biomaterials does, according to their business model, is to use the biomass from low volume manufacturing processes, such as biochemicals, that produce high volumes of biomass (waste). This is the most interesting and exciting part of the company’s technology and it’s called AGA Targeted Extraction. AGA stands for acid, gas, and ammonia. This latest fermentation technology actually replicates the way the earth makes crude oil. The four ingredients needed to do this are 1. biomass, 2. bacteria, 3. heat, and 4. pressure. These four ingredients work together to break down biomass in nature to produce crude oil, otherwise known as petroleum.

Blue Marble Biomaterials essentially does the same thing. They break down biomass to produce cleaner, all natural ingredients for consumer products, such as cosmetics and personal care products from lipstick to eyeliner to soap, shampoo and perfume. The reason Blue Marble Biomaterials is focusing on these markets is because it makes the most sense.

First of all, consumer spending isn’t slowing down when it comes to personal care products. Furthermore, almost all the personal care products on the market today worldwide, as well as food products that contain flavoring, have at least one petroleum based ingredient in them. However, more and more consumers are looking to purchase green products, products that contain sustainable, all-natural ingredients rather than chemicals like propylene glycol which is used to de-ice airplanes.

This process of creating green ingredients from the biomass of other companies has been tested over and over again by the very earth we’re standing on. At Blue Marble Biomaterials, they’ve taken this patented process a step further by using an entirely green chemical process that benefits food and beverage manufacturers as well as many other industries, including agricultural, forestry, cosmetics, personal care products, and more. And now Blue Marble is looking to benefit investors too.

For a short time, Blue Marble Biomaterials is offering investors the opportunity to invest in their company with Manhattan Street Capital. Their opening goal is $1,500,000 USD. The minimum investment is only $300 USD and the price per share is a low $1.25 USD. To take advantage of investing in this innovative company that is changing the way the world uses biomass and taking science and technology to a greener level, you can visit their investment page at Manhattan Street Capital. Once there, you can learn more about the company before clicking the “invest Now” button.

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