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Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC MJNA) has received recognition over the past year for its innovative products and successful marketing, which have made it a forerunner in the field of medicinal marijuana. The company and its subsidiary, Kannaway, accomplished record sales over the course of the past year. Now, another of Medical Marijuana Inc.’s subsidiaries, HempMeds®, is proving itself as a revolutionary as well, reforming the traditional views on marijuana in Brazil.

Who is HempMeds® Brazil?

HempMeds® is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc., which is a company that focuses on cannabis and hemp products. HempMeds® Brazil is the first company to gain legal approval to ship cannabis-related products into Brazil. All three products currently manufactured by HempMeds® Brazil are subsidized under Brazil’s health care system through the government. Their products are designed to treat conditions like epilepsy and Parkinson’s as well as chronic pain. As of now, the company is in the process of gaining approval for other indications for their products.

Latest Achievement from HempMeds® Brazil: Brazil’s Federal Regional Court

Brazilian newspapers are extensively covering HempMeds® Brazil’s legal triumph. A federal judge in Brazil ordered the government to subsidize payments for Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) for a Florianopolis resident. This Florianopolis merchant suffers from severe epilepsy, which affected him both while he was awake and while he slept. It interfered with his daily life in a number of ways. He experienced frequent falls and impaired motor skills as a result of his condition. He received several traditional epileptic medications in an effort to combat the problem, none of which were completely effective. Even with anticonvulsants, he was still having seizures. The merchant made a desperate plea to government officials to cover the usage of a cannabinoid to combat the condition more effectively.

The man’s plea was originally dismissed after filing a lawsuit with the Federal Court of Florianopolis. The Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF4)’s first degree judge stated it wasn’t the government’s jurisdiction to interfere with affairs entailing the Unified Health System (UHS). Additionally, the judge stated overthrowing the UHS’s decision was a breach of the budget law. The epileptic man continued to push for access to cannabis for medical purposes. He appealed to the court under the terms the drug is vital for individuals with epilepsy as severe as his. Furthermore, he pointed out how marijuana has been proven as an effective treatment for epilepsy. Part of his case centered around the fact that the Constitution guarantees the right to health.

Federal judge, Rogerio Favreto, said the judiciary mustn’t interfere with drug application even in cases related to medicinal marijuana if the person is able to prove the drug is necessary and has been proven effective by experts in the medical field. Judge Favreto highlighted the man’s medical history and the ineffectiveness of previous medications. The judge pointed out the gentleman’s condition improved as a result of the use of cannabidiol. The man began using medicinal marijuana and was asymptomatic for two months, which was the first time ever since the man was five that he experienced such a long period without having symptoms of epilepsy. The final verdict declared the state of SC and the Union would cover three vials of Cannabidiol 18 percent Real Scientific Hemp Oil indefinitely.

Not only did the patient receive coverage for the treatment to control his condition, but it shed new light on the powers of medicinal marijuana and how access to the cannabis treatments is more than just beneficial; it’s vital. This win was mainly for the epileptic man, but it was also a victory for the medicinal marijuana market and for individuals throughout Brazil who are in desperate need of a solution for their health condition. CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc., Dr. Stuart Titus, made a statement regarding his company’s satisfaction in the outcome of the case and the positives he feels it has on the health and wellness of the Brazilian population. The result of the case reaffirms their mission of providing education to the world about hemp-based products and their medicinal properties.

With changes like this in Brazil, it’s evident that those who suffer every day from conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s and chronic pain, among others, will soon have easier access to a natural solution for their condition. Not only is it a step in the right direction for the government to cover medicinal marijuana, it further reaffirms the benefits of cannabis. We’re assuming this is just the first country who is going to cross this road over the course of the next few years. Additionally, we feel as though this will have a positive effect on the medicinal marijuana market.

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