Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA)

The market for non-THC CBD hemp oil products has grown rapidly since 2012, when MJNA’s subsidiary HempMeds first began. Since that time, Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA) and its other subsidiaries have seen remarkable success when it comes to clinical research, public and institutional education and sales. According to the Hemp Industries Association, the 2015 hemp product market reached $573 million in the United States alone. Hemp-derived cannabidiol products make up an impressive 11 percent of those sales, totaling an estimated $65 million. Medical Marijuana, Inc. can claim a significant number of those sales through its targeted subsidiary companies and are legally available in all 50 states. Read on for a look at how each of these companies under the MJNA umbrella has changed the CBD market.


HempMeds is a CBD hemp oil product distribution company with a global reach. The company focuses on producing a variety of safe and effective hemp-derived products that are delivered directly to consumers across the market. HempMeds is largely responsible for the push to educate consumers about the benefits and availability of non-psychoactive medical marijuana alternatives. With successful launches in cities such as Washington, D.C., Seattle and New York, HempMeds has become a household name among CBD product consumers. The subsidiary was also the first company to obtain import permissions for its medical cannabis product line from the nations of Paraguay, Mexico and Brazil.


Kannaway is a Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary that provides direct product marketing to consumers. Kannaway brand ambassadors are the cornerstone of this initiative, which seeks to introduce people to natural and effective hemp-based lifestyle products. All cannabinoid products created by Kannaway are fully legal, and they provide a variety of health benefits. Beauty products and nutritional supplements are just a few examples of the innovative products available in the Kannaway pipeline.

HempMeds MX and HempMeds Brazil

As the first company to gain permissions to import cannabinoid products to Brazil and Mexico, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its Latin American subsidiaries made international news. Headlines focused on how RSHO and RSHO-X provided relief to young Latin American patients whose severe seizure disorders were unaffected by traditional pharmaceuticals. Since that time, more than 360 million people have been able to legally access the RSHO-X and RSHO product lines, experiencing the fast and powerful relief hemp-based medications can provide.

The most remarkable aspect of the organic medical products created by Medical Marijuana, Inc. is that they are highly effective at treating seizures, multiple sclerosis symptoms and a variety of other health conditions, but they do not cause the same side effects associated with other medications. The availability of non-psychoactive cannabidiol products means wider availability to younger patients and others who do not wish to experience the “high” associated with other marijuana products. Through Kannaway, MJNA has also been able to branch out and help consumers experience the non-medical benefits of hemp-based products. From chewing gum to skin care products, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiaries continue to dominate the CBD market with revolutionary formulations and reliable quality.

At the close of 2016, the future for all MJNA companies and the growth of the CBD market as a whole continues to look promising. The 2016 elections resulted in even more opportunities for companies with CBD product pipelines. California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine voted for the full legalization of recreational marijuana use. Meanwhile, Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas voted to legalize medical marijuana. The election results bring the total number of states that allow cannabis to be used in medical treatment to 29 and the District of Columbia. With the majority of states in the country allowing the use of medical marijuana, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is in a better position than ever to offer its innovative formulations to meet consumer demand. The most recent election results will likely start a trend that will cause other states to vote for marijuana legalization in the future. With THC-free products, MJNA allows people all over the country to enjoy the various benefits associated with hemp. As seen in the expansion to Paraguay, Brazil and Mexico, the company’s initiatives in the United States have an impact on the worldwide CBD market as well.

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