Icon Media Holdings

As a technology company with a global reach, Icon Media Holdings has had a successful 2016 with a promising 2017 ahead. The company is traded publicly under the ticker symbol ICNM. Icon Media Holdings offers turnkey small cell network antennae systems with Wi-Fi consulting and a variety of other services through Spectrum Velocity, LLC, its subsidiary company. With a background in broadcasting and management, the Icon Media Holdings CEO understands the various aspects of the broadcasting industry that intersect with cellular coverage issues. By addressing issues in both the wireless and enterprise spheres, Icon Media Holdings is able to diversify its interests and revenue streams. Diverse holdings make this company even more attractive to shareholders and potential investors.

Market Growth and Customer Base

As the cellular market continues to expand, Icon Media Holdings is poised to reach even more companies that require an optimized network. In 2015 alone, the annual revenue for the wireless industry reached $191.1 billion. The customer base of Icon Media Holdings is comprised of wireless and enterprise clients around the world. With a diversified customer base, the company can provide high-quality engineering and installation services within the telecommunications and wireless industries. Because the company specializes in infrastructure, it is able to address problems that are unique to the wireless industry, such as cellular coverage and interference. Icon Media Holdings both designs new wireless systems and makes changes to existing infrastructure to provide enhanced coverage and performance. Cellular carriers are the company’s primary marketing targets, but public venues and real estate investment trusts are important areas of focus as well. The company also services hospitals and government facilities as well as any organization with property holdings that require better cellular reception.

2016 Achievements for Icon Media Holdings

In the first nine months of 2016, Icon Media Holdings experienced a dramatic revenue increase of 10 percent compared to the same period in 2015. The company has also lowered its operating expenses since 2014, allowing for greater shareholder equity. Icon Media Holdings also received SEC reporting codes, which puts the company on track for being a fully reporting company in the near future. Full reporting status offers greater transparency to shareholders and will place the company in a prime position for explosive financial growth in 2017. 2016 was a year of debt restructuring and laying the groundwork that Icon Media Holdings can build upon in the future.

The 2017 Outlook for the Company

In addition to becoming a fully reporting company, Icon Media Holdings has big plans for 2017. The company repaid a significant amount of its debt in 2016, laying the groundwork for making even further strides towards full financial independence in 2017. Another prominent 2017 goal is facilitating organic growth on the foundation of fiscal stability that was placed in 2016.

According to the company CEO, there are plans to close on two acquisitions in 2017. These acquisitions both have a positive cash flow and are highly compatible with the company’s existing services. The goal is to offer even more services to wireless and enterprise clients in the future. 2017 is also the year in which Icon Media Holdings will start proactively seeking partnerships with organizations that have complementary services. For example, ICNM hopes to partner with companies that offer construction-based services and require the technical services Icon Media Holdings can provide in return. By establishing such complementary partnerships, both companies will be able to reach markets that would previously have been unavailable to them.

With a responsible approach to debt consolidation and restructuring and competitive services to offer in a growing market, 2017 promises to be a banner year for Icon Media Holdings. The company is led by industry experts with strong backgrounds in the broadcasting and wireless industries, and its team offers significant industry experience as well. Being on track for full SEC reporting status in 2017 means even greater success for the company and its shareholders in the years to come.

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