The wireless market is ever expanding and recently Icon Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC: ICNM) has announced that they will be vastly expanding their investor relations during the year of 2017. Icon Media Holdings, Inc. is one of the leading global technology companies that specialize in technical services that serve the wireless and cellular industries. Though investor relations have always been of the highest importance to the company, they are now seeking to create an even more robust communication between the company and any potential investors and current investors.

What Does Icon Media Holdings, Inc. Do?

It is important that when considering any major announcement such as this that we consider just what the company does on a daily basis to better grasp what these changes mean. Icon Media Holdings, Inc. is currently one of the leading companies in the country that works to provide cellular technical services, wireless antenna design, cellular antenna design, mobile technology and more. Their forward thinking designs and programs have helped to vastly expand and improve cellular coverage and the wireless industry as we know it today.

Do you enjoy being able to stay connected no matter where you are? Icon Media Holdings, Inc. wants to make sure that customers stay connected by helping to improve and provide state of the art cellular engineering services as well as wireless engineering services.

CEO of Icon Media Holdings, Inc. Rob Deakin states, “We’re excited to kick-start the year with a newly expanded investor relations initiative. We intend to dedicate significant time and resources to communicating with our shareholders, as well as potential investors. Our intention is to increase awareness to these potential investors through an enhanced social media presence and to create dialogue with our existing shareholder base using a variety of well-established tools that ensure two-way communications.”

What Does This Announcement Mean?

To start, this means that any potential or current investors are going to have a front row seat to what the company is doing to improve and change their current services. The aim is to bring in new investors and to provide a transparency that makes them more comfortable investing their hard-earned money to help with the growth and evolution of Icon Media Holdings, Inc. and their employees. The Company is currently working to design and install distributed antenna systems (DAS) that allow for minimal cellular interference and are essentially small cell turnkey networks that are tailored to customer’s needs. Investor confidence can help any company grow but is especially critical for technology companies that are working to pioneer new technologies and new innovations that have not yet been seen.

Future Ventures

If adding to the transparency of investor relations was not enough, Icon Media Holdings, Inc. has also announced that they will be entering into a joint venture agreement with Caduceus Software. The agreement will center around the creation of software systems that will target the wireless industry. Currently, Icon Media Holdings, Inc. uses Spectrum Velocity to provide clients with their wireless infrastructure and software solutions.

CEO of Caduceus Software, Richard Tang states, “Caduceus Software Systems is very pleased to offer an extension of our services to Icon Media. We have staff that is trained for harsh environment hardware installation, and develop critical software systems with redundancy/uptime/resiliency/concurrency in mind. ICNM’s focus is to deliver their projects on time and on budget. Caduceus is able to provide software and hardware planning logistics via our agile methodology, and give comprehensive training to their clients. We also compliment ICNM since we have OSHA certifications to perform duties at environmental risk sites, such as power substations plants, and highly mechanized industrial automation factories and arenas. I feel that by joining our efforts we can accomplish and bid on projects in a grander scale. I thank Rob for the opportunity for a long-lasting business relationship.”

What Does This Venture Mean?

In a nutshell, it means that Icon Media Holdings, Inc. is going to be able to provide better services than ever before. Higher safety and security measures are now going to be available, new programs written specifically for each client, and more. It is the goal of Icon to provide new software that not only benefits the bottom line but that also helps to propel their subsidiary Spectrum Velocity forward as well as their new partner Caduceus Software.

The agreement is still young, but 2017 is looking to be a monumental year for all parties involved.

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