Mango Capital, Inc.

Mango Capital, Inc. was recently a dormant entity, but 2016 has been a year of change and promising growth for CEO Rick Makoujy and the Company. Englander Capital Corporation has acquired 7.5 million shares in Mango. In addition, Makoujy and his team have made several moves that have led to increased purchasing power and significant land acquisitions for Mango Capital, Inc., charting its course for the future.

CEO Rick Makoujy

With a diverse background as a securities analyst and merchant banking expert, Makoujy is the ideal candidate to lead Mango Capital into a new era of success. At a young age, he was already managing hundreds of employees and gaining the skills that are now serving him as the Mango Capital President and CEO. During his early career, Makoujy learned both practical and theoretical skills related to business management and working capital. He was even approached by McGraw-Hill to write How to Read a Balance Sheet as a way to chronicle his experiences and help others in the industry.

Makoujy’s journey to success was not without its obstacles. He learned many skills through private land acquisition and began selling small pieces of his real estate portfolio, which developed into a number of real estate auctions around the country. Shortly after, he was approached by Mango Capital about the possibility of contributing land and expertise to the company and enabling it to offer more value to its investors. A partnership was born, and Mango Capital is now traded publicly under the ticker symbol MCAP. This partnership has been revolutionary for investors since owners of Mango Capital stock are allowed to receive income through dividends and share land resources without the necessity of real estate expertise. Mango Capital allows land sellers to diversify through investment in a larger entity and makes it possible for buyers to access profits in an area of investment that was previously inaccessible to them.

Mango Capital Investments and Strategies

The long-term goal of Mango Capital is to return maximum cash to shareholders. Makoujy acknowledges that growth may not always be consistent in the land business. The absorption of one or more complimentary operating businesses is currently being contemplated to stabilize cash flow. Makoujy plans to take Mango Capital through the stages of becoming a fully reporting public company over the next twelve months.

On February 22, 2016, Mango Capital reached a settlement that changed the course of the company’s history. Litigation was settled, resulting in an asset-rich balance sheet and a clean slate for the company moving forward. Properties in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado provide plenty of opportunities for shareholders to obtain diverse investments. In February, Makoujy agreed to forego his own salary in order to offer full dividends to shareholders, further setting Mango apart from similar companies in its commitment to investors.

On June 15, Mango made headlines again by agreeing to purchase another 125 properties using MCAP shares as consideration. The new properties acquired by the company are in Arkansas and Texas with many located near Lake LBJ outside of Austin. The addition of these properties is expected to provide even more opportunities for shareholders looking to diversify their land assets. This move has already yielded positive gains for the Company as evidenced by the news issued by the Company on July 26, 2016. On that news release, Mango announced that it had already sold off via a cash sale the 26 properties in the Horseshoe Bay community located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country near Austin.

In August, Mango announced its retention of Meyers Associates, L.P., a premier investment bank. This partnership allows Mango to dramatically grow its balance sheet “for the benefit of MCAP shareholders,” according to the CEO. For decades, Meyers Associates has provided financial brokerage services to many companies and individuals. The bank specializes in acquisition advisement, making it the ideal partner for a company that is focused on acquiring new assets to benefit shareholders. The Meyers finance team is comprised of many experienced financial professionals who offer diverse expertise and in-depth knowledge of the acquisition process.

The Future of Mango Capital, Inc. and Its Shareholders

With a diverse portfolio and a team of highly experienced bankers and financial advisors, Mango Capital is the company to watch. The truly revolutionary aspect of Mango Capital’s corporate structure is its focus on providing value to shareholders. Makoujy’s decision to give up his salary is proof of his dedication to putting the shareholder first, a priority that bodes well for the company’s long-term success. Another factor that sets Mango Capital apart is the diversity of its land holdings. With properties in many thriving developments across multiple states, Mango offers greater stability to investors than a company with holdings in a single area. Growth is rapid but steady, meaning a higher rate of return with lower risk for investors. With these unique factors, Mango Capital is destined for success.

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