MassRoots, Inc.

MassRoots, Inc. (OTC QB MSRT) is a digital platform that provides answers to many of the advertising problems faced by cannabis-related companies. MassRoots launched in 2013, but didn’t start generating revenue until it reached critical mass of a half-million users in late 2015. Just last week, MassRoots announced a partnership with Headset, Inc., founded by the team that grew Leafly into the top marijuana website, that should substantially increase MassRoots’ offerings to businesses… For the first six months of 2016 alone, MassRoots produced $585,000 in revenue. This represents more revenue in a single quarter than all previous quarters combined and is a strong indicator of its continued growth throughout the remainder of the year and well into 2017.

2016 Company Changes

In the summer of 2016, MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich reduced his team down from 33 to 23 in order to fast-track the company to being cash-flow positive. It’s far better to have a small team of A players than a larger team of C players. These highly-trained and dedicated team members are determined to grow MassRoots’ revenues as quickly as possible, while minimizing expenditures — serving digital advertising doesn’t really cost much, so in many cases, MassRoots’ profit margins are in excess of 90%. As a digital platform, MassRoots also has the benefit of allowing the company to target a variety of regions rather than limiting itself to one area and reduces costs associated with applying for dispensary permissions in each state.

It is expected that the cannabis industry will continue to grow by over 30% annually over the next several years in United States alone, let alone Canada and abroad. As this growth continues, businesses will be searching for customer analytics and data aggregation, which MassRoots and Headset specialize in. Traded publicly under the ticker symbol MSRT, MassRoots provides an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios with cannabis-related business analytics while the industry is still in its early growth stage.

MassRoots Business Structure

MassRoots is among the largest and most active technology platforms for customers and business in the cannabis industry. The company has more than 900,000 registered users, a figure that grows considerably by the day. This solid user base allows MassRoots to expand across the United States to gain even more insights into consumer behavior in the cannabis industry. By integrating with Headset, MassRoots aims to consolidate the most important data in the cannabis industry into easy-to-use dashboards for businesses.

As of late August 2016, MassRoots had registered hundreds of dispensaries across the country on its dispensary finder, including some of the leading brands in the industry. Over the next few months, MassRoots’ core initiative is to connect its active and engaged user base with the highest-quality dispensaries in brands in their local regions. Local marketing is the new frontier of digital marketing as local search marketing continues to dominate. Users expect a high level of local utility in their search results, and those expectations extend to the technology platforms they use to connect with cannabis-related brands. MassRoots addresses this need with a mass network of dispensaries and locally-oriented business portals that provide significant utility to consumers.

Revamped Business Portal

MassRoots unveiled its revamped dispensary finder and business profiles in June 2016, offering even more convenient features to users and businesses alike. The new portals have a more streamlined look and make it even easier for consumers to find dispensaries in their area. Real-time data acquisition ensures that all MassRoots business profiles are up to date and builds a strong foundation for the platform as more dispensaries sign up for its service. The data is accumulated both from MassRoots analytics and third-party sources, providing a high level of accuracy and quality of information. The platform puts the power in the hands of each dispensary to take control of its brand online and ensure that consumers have the information they need to connect and make a purchase.

With a promising rate of growth and a revamped digital platform, MassRoots is poised for continued success in the cannabis industry. As with any industry in a rapid state of growth, cannabis-related businesses and investors find themselves in need of data to improve customer acquisition methods. MassRoots goes a step beyond by offering highly reliable analytics for businesses and convenient access for consumers.

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