MassRoots, Inc. (MSRT)

MassRoots, Inc., traded under the ticker symbol MSRT, recently made headlines for its innovative partnerships with Headset and Flowhub. The technology company has also announced the recruitment of a talented team of engineers from some of the most prominent technology companies in the world. This recruitment is geared towards helping MassRoots expand its online platform to provide even more services in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. With the November 2016 election expected to yield significant progress for medical and recreational marijuana legislation, there will be an even greater demand for MassRoots’ services among dispensaries and consumers.

MassRoots Recruitment

According to MassRoots CTO Lance Galey, the company “is progressing at a higher velocity than anyone else in the space.” This is in part due to three months of targeted recruitment of some of the most talented engineers in the world. These in-demand professionals have expressed interest in the growth of the cannabis industry, and particularly in MassRoots’ ability to combine social networking and helpful analytics.

Brian Bureson joined the MassRoots team as the Director of User Experience. Bureson previously held high-level positions at Motorola and Microsoft, where he specialized in interaction designing. MassRoots is also joined by JC Polanycia, the new Senior Reliability Engineer. Polanycia previously worked as a designer of infrastructure for companies such as Salesforce and Cisco.

Teagan Glenn joins the MassRoots team as a Senior Software Engineer after a diverse background in software engineering, physics, and mathematics. Glenn previously worked for a commercial real estate software company developing third-party integration. Prior to her career in real estate software, Glenn developed power plant monitoring tools for one of the industry’s leading companies. She also has extensive experience in data acquisition and database design, making her skills a great fit for MassRoots’ expanding dispensary database.

Kevin Shiuan is MassRoots’ new Project Manager, a position that will allow him to work on the company’s mobile and web apps. At the forefront of cannabis technology, MassRoots is known for its innovative online platform that allows consumers and dispensaries to connect on a local level. Shiuan’s strong background in engineering will help the company move forward and conquer any engineering hurdles that arise with growth.

The Aphria and MassRoots Partnership

MassRoots has announced an exciting new partnership with Aphria Inc., a leading Canadian producer of medical cannabis products. This is a natural partnership between two of the leading companies in the cannabis industry. MassRoots plans to spread awareness of Aphria as a brand and bring more Canadian users into the fold. The partnership will yield compensation for MassRoots for each patient it refers to Aphria, making this a win-win scenario for both companies. The MassRoots-Aphria partnership is expected to generate new revenue for both sides while expanding Aphria’s current patient base, according to MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich. Dietrich explains that MassRoots has a presence in all states and countries that allow cannabis production. This level of access and exposure will be an essential component of Aphria’s future growth.

Because MassRoots is a technology platform, it is in a unique position to grow without significant costs. Aphria will also benefit from MassRoots’ infrastructure, developing its presence online. Greater brand recognition is the key to success in the fast-paced cannabis industry. As the leading technology platform in the medical marijuana sector, MassRoots has access to a variety of distribution channels and can offer guidance as Aphria continues to develop. As of October 17, 2016, Aphria owns 500,000 shares of common stock in MassRoots. The company also has warrants to purchase another 500,000 shares at $0.90 each over the next three years. With Aphria’s low-cost production and MassRoots’ high-profile technology platform, this partnership is optimized to yield success for the companies involved as well as the consumers who benefit from their revolutionary products and services.

The Future of the Company

MassRoots is one of the largest cannabis-based technology platforms in the world, featuring more than 900,000 active registered users on its platform. Due to its digital framework, the company is poised to offer time-sensitive solutions to consumers and dispensaries in new cannabis markets generated by rapidly changing legislation. With a savvy team of recently recruited engineers and an exciting new partnership with Aphria, MassRoots is in an excellent position to take control over the thriving cannabis sector.

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