Massroots (MSRT)

MassRoots, traded publicly under the ticker symbol MSRT, is an innovative company that is using technology solutions to merge the gap between cannabis product consumers and the dispensaries they love. The company has partnered with a new full seed-to-sale system known as Flowhub as well as Headset, a leader in business intelligence solutions for dispensaries. Flowhub and MassRoots are integrating technology systems to offer even more high-quality technological platform to dispensaries and cannabis users across the country. MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich predicts that his company will continue to dominate the market and use this new technology to offer more benefits to its user base of 900,000 and counting.

Flowhub Technology

Flowhub and MassRoots are poised to unseat MJ Freeway and BioTrackTHC, the two biggest players in the seed-to-sale market. MassRoots already has the user base in place to put Flowhub’s streamlined seed-to-sale system to optimal use and help with distribution. With the new system, users will have access to live pricing updates, ensuring that they always receive the most up-to-date and competitive pricing on the market. Flowhub’s inventory and order ahead systems make it easy to track a user’s favorite dispensaries and past orders and increase repeat sales figures.

The way Flowhub works is as simple and streamlined as the services it provides to users. With an estimated 300 active dispensaries in its network, MassRoots is already able to engage both the consumer and producer sides of the industry. Flowhub will make this engagement even more intuitive. At its core, Flowhub is a point-of-sale system that is carefully crafted to meet the needs of the cannabis industry. This system reports to both METRC and CTS automatically, dramatically reducing the amount of work dispensaries have to put in when it comes to regulatory compliance. A live data stream offers automatic updates whenever a change is made to the software and allows users to access their inventory at any time. Because Flowhub lets dispensaries keep track of their live inventory as well as current market prices, it prevents overselling or undervaluing a product at any given time, eliminating waste.

Headset Technology

While Flowhub technology is changing the way MassRoots connects consumers with dispensaries in the cannabis industry, Headset helps companies optimize the metrics generated from those transactions. Headset is a leading business intelligence platform and its partnership with MassRoots will make it easier to catalog products and integrate live menu pricing. In October 2016, MassRoots will unveil its new product review system, made possible through Headset technology.

According to Headset CEO Cy Scott, the company and its team are excited by the prospect of partnering with the largest cannabis-based social network in the world. Headset provides actionable metrics to help cannabis-based businesses optimize their advertising and improve their relationships with consumers. Since its launch in 2015, Headset has taken pride in offering real-time insights into pricing and consumer behavior in the cannabis market. Headset users can easily track information such as changes in AIP and Unit Volume and average monthly sales. The system is designed to be used from any device, making it easy to check metrics on the go.

The partnership between MassRoots and Headset will not only give MassRoots dispensaries access to better metrics but help them put those metrics to better use as well. Mass Roots dispensaries can gain deeper insights into budtender performance and learn which brands their customers prefer. The new technology also helps dispensaries optimize their current inventory for maximum sales and identifies those product strains that aren’t selling as well as they should be. With up-to-date metrics such as these, it is easier for dispensaries to tailor their future supply purchases and marketing campaigns to meet the actual needs of consumers rather than wasting time and money on campaigns that don’t perform well.

Future Benefits of Flowhub and Headset Integration

While the integration of Flowhub and Headset technology into MassRoots’ business model is still in its early stages, the promise is clear. MassRoots already has a pulse on the things that matter most to consumers in the cannabis industry. With Flowhub, the company will be able to offer a streamlined point-of-sale process that makes it even easier for customers to buy the products they love. Headset offers crucial insights into customer behavior and product performance. This valuable data will be used to build MassRoots‘ review platform, offering even more opportunities for connection between dispensaries and consumers.

As major retailers in any industry can attest to, reviews are the lifeblood of the consumer-producer relationship. Product reviews not only give brands insights into what does and doesn’t work, but they give other consumers greater confidence when it comes to trying out new products. Because MassRoots has a large active user base and inspires consumer confidence, it is the ideal platform for a review system that could revolutionize the cannabis industry. Reviews offer a two-pronged approach to data aggregation since they feature a numbered rating as well as the chance for consumers to put their impressions of a product into their own words. With the advanced metrics software provided by Headset and Flowhub, MassRoots will be able to offer even greater utility to consumers and help its current dispensary partners streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

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