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According to the Epilepsy Foundation, the incidence of epilepsy is highest in young children and older adults. There are currently 2.2 million people who are believed to have epilepsy in the United States alone, and many of those suffering are children whose symptoms prevent them from going to school and leading normal childhoods. Epileptic seizures can range from mild and infrequent to being characterized by violent and near-constant convulsions. The problem with many existing treatments for epilepsy is that they quite often come with debilitating side effects, are ineffective, or a combination of both. Children are even more severely affected by many of these negative side effects than adult patients, and their young age may limit the treatment options available to them.

Medical marijuana is an increasingly popular treatment option for children and adults with epilepsy. Around the world, there have been promising case studies on the positive effects medical marijuana and cannabidiol oil products have had in the treatment of this debilitating condition. From relief of pain and anxiety to the reduction or complete cessation of seizures, there are many life-changing benefits to these pharmaceutical products. However, because medical marijuana is not legalized in all states and because there are many countries around the world that do not allow this treatment at all, visibility is the key to making this safe and effective treatment available for everyone. Medical Marijuana, Inc. made history by being the first medical company in the world to receive special import permissions from the Brazilian and Mexican governments for its cannabidiol hemp oil product line.

Recent studies out of Mexico have showcased the effectiveness of CBD oils in the specific treatment indication of pediatric epilepsy. Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA) has applauded such research for its valuable contribution to the body of knowledge surrounding epileptic treatment options. As studies such as this one continue to shed new light on the benefits of CBD oil as a safe and non-habit forming pharmaceutical, patients around the world will have better access.

Mexican Survey on Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Refractory Epilepsy

World-renowned physician and researcher Dr. Carlos G. Aguirre Velazquez examined the cases of 43 children with refractory epilepsy. Each of the children had been given cannabidiol hemp oil as a treatment for their seizures, and more than 81 percent of those treated experienced a significant reduction in convulsions as a result. Medical Marijuana Inc.’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X was the most popular product used in the treatment study. This product is completely free of THC, the component that makes some consumers wary of using medical marijuana products. Without THC, cannabidiol oil is ideal for use among pediatric patients since it does not produce any psychotropic effects. In other words, patients only experience relief from their symptoms without the “high” associated with other forms of marijuana.

To further break down the findings of this groundbreaking study, of the 81 percent of children who showed a reduction in convulsions, 16 experienced complete relief from seizures. Another 42 percent reported an increased quality of life, and 9 of the patients surveyed were able to reduce the amount of anti-epileptic drugs in their treatment regimen.

The refractory epilepsy study in Mexico is just one of many studies that have recently demonstrated why cannabidiol products are a worthwhile treatment option for doctors and patients to explore. The RSHO-X product line has also been tested with other groups, and MJNA CEO Dr. Stuart Titus explains that the company is optimistic that news of its effectiveness will continue to travel across the globe.

Epilepsy Worldwide

The 2.2 million patients with epilepsy in the United States are part of an even broader picture worldwide. Globally, there are 50 million total who suffer from epilepsy, and 85 percent of those patients live in developing world countries. The research progress that has been made in Mexico will go a long way towards improving treatment options for patients in other developing companies as well. It is estimated that 80 percent of patients with epilepsy do not receive the treatment they need to thrive, and another 30 percent are resistant to the effects of anti-epileptic drugs. Not only are cannabidiol products a promising side effect-free alternative to many anti-epileptic drugs, but they could be the only option many epileptics with drug resistance have to reduce or eliminate their symptoms.

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