8-year-old Grace Elizalde of Mexico underwent nearly 20 different unsuccessful treatment solutions for her seizure disorder

8-year-old Grace Elizalde of Mexico underwent nearly 20 different unsuccessful treatment solutions for her seizure disorder

After 8-year-old Grace Elizalde of Mexico underwent nearly 20 different unsuccessful treatment solutions for her seizure disorder, her case sparked a decision that had far-reaching benefits for families across the world. It was Grace’s family who took the action against the Mexico government to finally get the relief their daughter needed in the form of medical cannabis. After getting the government to allow the import of hemp products into the country, Grace and her family opened the door for families everywhere to the possibility of getting the prescriptions necessary to combat medical conditions of all types.

In August 2015, the Elizaldes were told by a federal judge that they would not prevent the family from accessing medical marijuana. As you might imagine in the short time after the approval, there has been a lot of talk about what this means for Mexico.

The documentary Crisis, a film by CMW Media, shows an intimate portrayal of the families who might finally be able to take advantage of this medication they need. Producer Jordan Guzzardo tells the story of one such family with an 11-year-old daughter, Alina Maldonado. Maldonado’s father was able to pick up the product Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) for treatment of her debilitating seizure disorder. Made by Medical Marijuana, Inc., RHSO™ relies on cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce the amount of seizures in the afflicted. Because RSHO™ does not contain THC, it doesn’t cause the typical ‘high’ feeling associated with marijuana and is not physically addictive.

Even though the failed legal treatments for Grace cost tens of thousands of dollars and affected her peripheral vision and chewing ability, medical marijuana still has a huge stigma in the country of Mexico – even while other Latin American countries like Chile and Uruguay are softening their views on legalization and Paraguay and Brazil recently making historic legalization decisions to import medical marijuana.

Marijuana legalization even seems to trump other hot button issues in Mexico like gay marriage and abortion. The capital had voted in favor of both these controversial topics, but staunchly said ‘no’ to marijuana. The documentary Crisis hopes to open people’s eyes in the country to the incredible benefits of medical marijuana that could be used to treat those with serious medical needs.

The Elizades, who have seen first-hand just how much medical marijuana has safely helped their daughter, have set up an organization to ensure other families are allowed the same consideration they received. Marijuana is by no means legalized in Mexico, but the Mexico Supreme Court has at least opened up honest discussions and are open to hearing about the needs of its people.

Families today are being given a voice, and RSHO™ is being seen as a serious remedy by medical professionals.

Crisis producer Jordan Guzzardo stories are told with compassion, truth, and the objective eye needed to see a problem (and its solutions). The good news is that there is hope out there today, and the powers that be are starting to realize the significant benefits of medical marijuana.

Crisis was released in May 2016, and Medical Marijuana, Inc. is grateful to the filmmakers for showing their commitment to changing people’s minds about the hemp industry. The company stands for helping suffering people receive the care they deserve and are thrilled to see the media begin to address the other side of the medical marijuana debate. The more conversation this documentary sparks, the more likely it is that people everywhere will see a shift in attitudes so laws can accommodate those who need medical cannabis as a treatment option for their conditions.

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