Medical Marijuana’s (MJNA) RSHO-X™ Use is Growing Worldwide and New Research Out of Mexico Provides Further Validation on the Efficacy

Earlier in 2016, wrote about the work of the Brazilian health regulatory agency, ANVISA, who has been making headlines for its decision to allow imported cannabis oil from Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) as a treatment option for severe seizures. The company’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ has been approved for another indication as well. As of November 2015, RSHO™ oil is approved for Parkinson’s disease sufferers as well as those with epilepsy and certain chronic pain conditions including migraine headaches. Then in May and August interviews with Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., the opportunities throughout Latin America were discussed in detail. Now the headlines are coming in about research done by Dr. Carlos G. Aguirre Velazquez of Mexico.

Dr. Carlos G. Aguirre Velazquez’s study showed promising results when it comes to using CBD oils to treat children with refractory epilepsy. Of the 53 children included in the study, 16% reported no more seizures at all, while 60% reported a reduction in seizures. In addition, 83% reported improvements in emotions, 88% saw improved cognition, 77% reported better sleep, and 60% had improved feeding, suggesting strong improvements in quality of life.

“This is such exciting news for our company and we are honored and humbled to witness this new work performed by D. Velazquez,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stuart Titus. “We are proud to be the first company with CBD products approved by the Mexico government, and thrilled to see the results that our products are producing for the quality of life for families that otherwise had no options.”

It is also important to note that these results are markedly similar to findings in studies by other companies studying the effects of cannabinoids on medical conditions like epilepsy. GW Pharmaceuticals plc’s (NASDAQ: GWPH) Epidiolex is a cannabinoid that has been approved in several countries for the treatment of seizures with a 36.5% reduction in monthly motor seizures. As more results come in and several other companies in the industry commence their own testing, increased acceptance with reliance on clinical research appears imminent.

RSHO™ products are medically formulated to provide calculated clinical benefits. In addition to epilepsy, RSHO’s™ oils have been used to successfully treat Parkinson’s Disease and other chronic conditions. From motor disturbances to chronic pain, hemp oil is known for its ability to reduce the frequency and severity of troublesome symptoms.

Unlike other medical marijuana products, RSHO’s™ products are formulated without THC, which is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. Because the RSHO™ products do not contain THC, they allow the patient to function normally throughout the day and are ideal for the treatment of adolescents.

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