AXIM Biotechnologies

Success begins with strategic partnership, and AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTCQB: AXIM) is poised for continued success thanks to the decision to partner with several cannabis industry experts. These experts will join the AXIM Advisory Board to provide their perspectives on company progress and future decisions. The AXIM Advisory Board is now proud to include Dr. Ilya Reznik, Professor Renger Witkamp, and Professor John Zajicek.

The AXIM Advisory Board

The AXIM Advisory Board is a team comprised of some of the brightest minds in the industry with members from all over the world. These experts bring their years of industry knowledge and experience to the table to help the company improve on its current successes and lay the foundations for an even more promising future. A strong Board is the key to making informed decisions in a rapidly changing market. From advisement on product pipeline innovations and technological advances to financial strategy, the AXIM Advisory Board works in unison to propel the interests of the company and its investors forward into a new era within the cannabis industry.

Dr. Ilya Reznik

Dr. Reznik is a Board-certified Adult Forensic & Clinical Neuro Psychiatry specialist at MaReNa Diagnostic Consulting Center. Dr. Reznik has more than a decade of clinical experience when it comes to using cannabis in a clinical setting. As a psychiatry specialist, Dr. Reznik provides a unique perspective to the AXIM Advisory Board with regard to the various applications of cannabis products in a clinical psychiatric treatment setting. From autism to depression, there are a variety of promising psychiatric treatment indications for cannabis-based products. In recent years, Dr. Reznik has also worked as a coordinator for the Israel National Forum/Association for Medical Cannabis Research & Treatment.

Professor Renger Witkamp

Professor Renger Witkamp is an educator with Ph.D. training in experimental pharmacokinetics and applied research experience. He has worked as a professor of Nutrition and Pharmacology at Wageningen University as well as a member of the Netherlands’ Organization for Applied Research. With his strong background in research, Professor Witkamp will be able to assist AXIM with the development of new treatment applications for its cannabis-based products.

Professor John Zajicek

As Chair in Medicine at the University of St. Andrews School of Medicine, Professor Zajicek has extensive training in cell biology and clinical research. He specializes in nervous systems disorders and has expressed a strong interest in clinical trial development for neurodegenerative disease treatment. As a leading investigative mind in the cannabis industry, Professor Zajicek has an extensive portfolio of academic research papers covering neurodegeneration and cannabinoids.

Other Advisory Board Members

The remaining members of the AXIM Advisory Board include Dr. Arno Hazekamp, Warren C. Hutchins, Dr. Murad A. Sunalp, Marvin Washington, Dr. Jacques F. Meis, and Joe Grace. With Board members from a variety of professional backgrounds, ranging from marketing to clinical research, AXIM demonstrates a strong interest in the diversity of ideas and its future growth as a company. Dr. Hazekamp, for example, has been a dedicated AXIM Board member for years and is known for his significant contributions to the industry as a medical cannabis advocate. He has worked with companies such as Echo Pharmaceuticals and Storz & Bickel and became the head of Research and Development at Bedrocan BV in 2011. With experienced Board members who are dedicated to expanding the frontiers of cannabis research and product development, AXIM has positioned itself to learn and grow with the best in the cannabis industry.

AXIM’s Company Outlook

Dr. George Anastassov, AXIM’s Chief Executive Officer, has announced that the company is excited to work with Dr. Reznik and Professors Zajicek and Witkamp to further develop AXIM’s research initiatives and continue leading the way in the cannabis industry. A strong company is built through cooperative partnerships with industry leaders who can lend their knowledge and expertise to its future growth. With a team of dedicated marketing experts, clinical researchers and physicians working together towards the same goals, AXIM is able to benefit from decades of combined wisdom that dramatically reduce the learning curve associated with entering new spheres of business. The company has already seen remarkable growth in terms of its revolutionary cannabis-based product pipeline, and changing cannabis legislation means the emergence of new markets around the world.

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