Medical Marijuana (MJNA)

Medical Marijuana, Inc., traded publicly under the ticker symbol MJNA, has made history as the world’s first cannabis company to be publicly traded in the United States. 2016 was a big year for the company with record growth, international import permissions being granted by multiple government agencies, and promising clinical trial results from MJNA’s revolutionary product lines.

Financial Growth

In the last quarter of 2016, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s revenue increased by 66 percent compared to the first quarter of 2016. The company also had a Net Comprehensive Income increase of 731 percent compared to the same figure in 2015. Finishing out 2016 with a net income of greater than $8 million, the company is poised to break even more financial records in 2017. At least part of MJNA’s landmark success can be attributed to its portfolio of subsidiaries and investments, including new IP filings, international licensing and promising findings in its clinical research division. With a diversified portfolio and a business plan that balances the research and development and marketing aspects of succeeding in this highly competitive sector, it is easy to see why the company is on an upward rise.

MJNA shareholders can look forward to even greater returns on their investments as word about Medical Marijuana, Inc. continues to spread globally. The changing legal landscape for medical marijuana legalization in the United States always has a significant role to play in the market, but MJNA has also made great strides internationally. By focusing on both domestic and international markets, the company is able to expand its influence and create greater opportunities for shareholders and consumers worldwide.

Research and Development

Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus reported that the company’s 2017 success will hinge largely on its ongoing research and product development in Latin America. MJNA subsidiaries are also working on the development of proprietary molecules that will allow the company to offer even more unique products to the medical marijuana market. Innovation is what truly sets this company apart from the rest with a wide variety of product formulations in its Real Scientific Hemp Oil line. The RSHO line is not only a flagship product for MJNA, but it has helped the company gain international acclaim by receiving international import permissions from Brazil and Mexico. Latin America is known for having stricter regulations regarding the importation of cannabis-based products, but the scientifically formulated RSHO-X line has been proven time and again in terms of effectiveness and reliability. For these reasons, RSHO-X was the first product line of its kind to receive ANVISA import permissions in Brazil.

Subsidiary Companies and Investment

AXIM Biotechnologies is Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s best-known portfolio company, and MJNA holds more than 22 million shares in AXIM. This company had record-breaking success in 2016 with a new USPTO patent for its cannabis-based chewing gum. AXIM is the first company to receive a patent for using chewing gum as a delivery mechanism for cannabinoid products, making its products ideal for those who have difficulty metabolizing the drug in other forms. AXIM currently has 11 patent applications in process and 18 registered international trademarks. The company’s CanChew Plus CBD Gum yielded positive results in clinical studies and has the potential to be used for a variety of treatment indications. Another item in the AXIM product pipeline is AX-1602, a product designed to treat psoriasis and other skin ailments.

Kannalife Sciences is another portfolio company that had a successful 2016 with the announcement of its new KLS-13019 compound, which addresses limitations of extant CBD products. Kannalife was the first company in the United States to receive a DEA permit for the importation of its pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol in order to allow further studies to take place.

Hemp Meds is a wholly owned subsidiary of MJNA that produces the RSHO product line. In addition to the import permissions from Brazil, HempMeds was also the first company to receive import permissions from Mexico and Paraguay in 2016.

Industry Growth

In addition to the unique growth experienced by MJNA and its subsidiaries and investments, the medical marijuana market as a whole saw many positive changes in 2016. The industry made history as four states legalized medical marijuana while another four legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Today, 28 states as well as the District of Columbia have a form of medical marijuana legalization in effect. In total, there are 44 states that allow CBD products. On the international market, 14 countries enacted reform to their cannabis laws, making the products offered by MJNA and its subsidiaries more accessible to a global customer base.

The cannabis product industry in the United States alone grew to reach $6.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach an unprecedented $50 billion in 2026. A large part of this market growth can be attributed to education about cannabidioid products and the effects of medical marijuana. It was once mistakenly believed that all medical marijuana products operate in the same way as recreational marijuana. Medical Marijauna, Inc. is helping to dispel many of these misconceptions by producing high-quality product lines that can be tested effectively in a clinical setting. Current clinical data shows that products such as RSHO are reliable and effective for a variety of treatment indications, and with accessible delivery systems, they are providing options to patients who have difficulty with traditional pharmaceuticals. Many of MJNA’s products are formulated without THC content, making them ideal for those who wish to experience the benefits of medical marijuana without the “high” associated with other products. As these product lines continue to grow and receive international attention, MJNA is poised for continued success in 2017.

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