Medical Marijuana, Inc. has earned its title as a leader in the medical marijuana industry. It’s pioneering the way for more acceptance of medicinal marijuana as well as deriving revolutionary products. Today, the company is yet again proving itself and standing stronger than ever with record sales for a month.

Who is Medical Marijuana, Inc.?

Medical Marijuana, Inc, is a premier hemp and cannabis industry leader. With innovative ideas from experts in the field, the company is continuing to develop unique products that benefit overall health and wellness. The company focuses on creating awareness about the cannabis industry. The company develops environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Additionally, Medical Marijuana, Inc. increases shareholder value with each and every product they develop.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. touts about being a company of firsts. It’s the first publicly traded cannabis company ever in the United States. Moreover, it’s the first direct sales and network marketing company to offer consumers access to cannabis-related products. This particular company also was the first to make cannabidiol and other cannabinoids available throughout the world. It now reigns as the first company to provide cannabis brands throughout all 50 states and to numerous countries throughout the world. MJNA made changes to the guidelines regarding cannabis product quality control. In fact, their rigorous triple lab testing, analyzes, checks and rechecks products, to ensure the quality of medicinal marijuana products, which is a huge leap for the industry, considering one of the debatable factors regarding legality centers around the inability to develop a standard for quality control methods.

Medical Marijuana, Inc’s Latest Achievement

Nowadays, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is continuing to prove itself as a company of firsts with breaking its own record for sales in a month. Medical Marijuana, Inc (MJNA) announced its highest revenue for an entire month since the company’s beginnings. MJNA even broke its own record achieved back in July of 2017. The company is the parent company of the subsidiaries–Kannaway® and HempMeds®. We can speculate this record stemmed from the growing acceptance of medicinal marijuana, but it also is attributed to MJNA’s products and marketing. Both Kannaway® and HempMeds® broke records for their largest months of revenue as well, making this a winning year all around for MJNA. MJNA’s CEO, Dr. Stuart Titus, is excited, to say the least, about MJNA’s record setting and plans to continuously advance to hit marks like this.

How the Hemp and Cannabis Market is Fairing

Brightfield Group reports that hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is forecasted to become a billion-dollar market over the course of the next three years. Forbes agrees with this prediction, and Medical Marijuana Inc. is planning on capitalizing on this. Brightfield estimates this industry’s sales have already reached $170 million in 2016. Brightfield figured out 64.5 percent of sales come through the online channel. Additionally, 17.8 percent was from smoke shops while dispensaries were third, accounting for nine percent of the sales. Of the top 20 brands in 2016, the average was $2.1 million per year per company. Some of the brands had sales of more than $10 million per year. Of these companies, Medical Marijuana Inc. made the list.

Kannaway’s Changes

MJNA has repeatedly made strides in the industry and helped gain recognition for the cannabis industry. Its subsidiary, Kannaway, has done the same. Kannaway developed an advisory board and currently hosts monthly events as well as weekly webcasts. It has held a few major events in Phoenix and San Diego and will now expand to Denver–with scheduled events occurring on November 4-5.

Kannaway did a complete overhaul on their company’s mission statement, brand and their entire website. The business no longer focuses on activism. They’ve built a solid foundation as a professional company in an area of focus that once lacked professionalism. They’re becoming more geared toward the average person.

Kannaway launched a cannabinoid educational video series to educate more people about the power of their products. The company is continuing to become more accessible by incorporating Spanish support. Previously, Kannaway was the only direct selling company in the world to pay with physical checks, but to keep up with business in the modern world, Kannaway launched an e-wallet for commissions and partnered with ECHO to aid in the development process. Kannaway expanded its efforts to include marketing in Europe and has already begun marketing activity on this continent. Their support staff has grown tremendously from one woman on a cell phone to a more sophisticated system and a full staff. They crafted SmartShip packages and implemented UPS shipping to make the process of sending products safer and more convenient for buyers. In March of 2016, Kannaway’s revenue was $83,000 and increased its revenue in August of 2017 to $3.1 million. Blake Schroeder, CEO of Kannaway, is expecting the company’s revenue to increase even further over the course of the next year.

Kannaway isn’t just making changes for business growth for the sake of consumers and clients; the company is also making changes for their ambassadors because the company wouldn’t be anything without the ones who spread the word about their products. Kannaway launched a world-class brand ambassador training program. To enhance the incentive program for ambassadors, Kannaway launched an inaugural incentive trip from October 7th to the 14th. Next year, they’re amping up the trip and planning to host it in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

Kannaway launched several products recently including pure liquids and capsules. Premium hemp oil is now available using an applicator or through capsule or liquid. They introduced the gold applicator and have reformulated Revive and HempVAP. The company starting selling chews and three blends of essential oils. Kannaway has now made it easy for people to take hemp with them on the go with their new travel salve.

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