HempMeds® Mexico sponsored the ExpoWeed Conference in Mexico City, the first-ever cannabis conference to be held in Mexico

Medical Marijuana, Inc., traded publicly under the ticker symbol MJNA, is leading the cannabis-based product industry with life-changing medications in a variety of delivery methods and formulations. Increased media attention for the company is furthering awareness about its revolutionary products and paving the way for innovators in the future of this booming industry. As governments around the world continue to lessen restrictions on cannabis-based treatments, more patients have access to medical marijuana that can lessen the symptoms of chronic pain, seizures and other chronic conditions without the side effects common to many prescription medications.

From August 12-14, 2016, MJNA and its subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico sponsored the ExpoWeed Conference in Mexico City, the first-ever cannabis conference to be held in Mexico, which has recently expanded permissions for MJNA to import its hemp oil products for multiple treatment indications.

Mexican families the Elizaldes and the Maldonados are just two examples of the numerous families across Mexico that have benefited from the transformative effects of MJNA’s Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X (RSHO-X™) product line. After both families received permits to import RSHO-X™ for their epileptic children, a precedent was set that allows even more families to receive similar permissions. The process of obtaining permission to use these drugs can be started on the HempMeds Mexico® website, eliminating many hurdles that early pioneers faced in obtaining treatment.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X (RSHO-X™)

RSHO-X™ oil is a cannabidiol (CBD)-based product that is free of THC, which is the ingredient that causes the psychotropic effects typically associated with medical marijuana. This means that pediatric patients and others can take RSHO-X™ oil to alleviate their symptoms without having to worry about the “high” that is incorrectly associated with these products. It is important to note that medical marijuana is a safe and natural alternative to many prescription drugs that cause serious chemical dependency, such as opioids. Cannabis-based products are being used by doctors worldwide to combat the opioid epidemic and other forms of drug addiction because they treat pain without forming dependency.

According to the director of the Health Protection Agency in Mexico, it is essential for government officials and medical professionals not to “ignore the medicinal potential of cannabinoids.” He also expressed that it is a basic human right to access cannabis for medical use. Unfortunately, there have been obstacles in the international struggle to bring cannabis products to patients who need them. RSHO-X™ is also the first cannabis-based product to qualify as safe for World Anti-Doping standards and therefore could be safely used by Olympic athletes.

The ExpoWeed Conference

At the ExpoWeed Conference in Mexico City, the first-ever cannabis conference to be held in Mexico, MJNA introduced many of its exciting new products to the Mexico market. The Conference also increased exposure of the benefits of medical marijuana across the country.

Mexico has been cited as a “fertile market for the medical marijuana business,” according to Mexico City-based newspaper Reforma, but the battle for legalization is far from over. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has approved the import of medical marijuana products for a variety of treatment indications, but many patients around the world still struggle to have their treatment approved. At least one hundred Mexican patients use MJNA‘s CBD products and just as many apply for it each month, demonstrating the increased demand for alternative treatments. As demand increases, governments around the world will have no choice but to lessen restrictions on alternative treatment methods that pose fewer threats to patient safety than most drugs currently on the market.

To date, MJNA has approximately 50 products on the market. Going beyond hemp oil, the company has also introduced several non-prescription items to its product pipeline. Innovative delivery methods such as a chewing gum that delivers natural ingredients in a sublingual format are keeping MJNA at the forefront of innovation in this promising area of pharmaceuticals. More than 150 RSHO-X™ bottles were sold in January 2016 alone. Years ago, the idea of a widely-accepted cannabis conference would have seemed impossible. Today, MJNA has changed lives around the world and media coverage from outlets such as CNN Money, Reuters, ABC News, and Reforma, among many others, can’t stop talking about the real impact these products are having on patients and their families.

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