Dronabinol is a revolutionary treatment that has recently been approved by the FDA for multiple indications. The synthetic form of marijuana is known for its powerful anti-nausea effects among patients receiving chemotherapy treatment. With its approval as a Schedule III drug, Dronabinol will be accessible to more patients around the United States, offering greater quality of life for those suffering from different chronic conditions and treatment side effects.

Dronabinol is administered in liquid form, making it convenient for home and hospital administration. Current treatment indications include appetite stimulation among AIDS patients and nausea reduction for those undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy often results in debilitating nausea and vomiting, making it difficult for patients to recover after a treatment session. Dronabinol provides a great option for patients who are unable to access traditional medical marijuana products due to legal restrictions in their state.

At the forefront of the Dronabinol revolution are two distinct companies, INSYS Therapeutics and Michael James Enterprises Inc. (OTC MJTV). INSYS Therapeutics only recently made its debut in the Dronabinol market in June, 2016. Prior to its decision to distribute Dronabinol products, the company’s stock price was only $12 per share. Since that time, stocks have risen to $17 per share and analysts predict that they will increase to as much as $32.

INSYS Therapeutics has released its Dronabinol product under the name of Syndros, which has been marketed towards chemotherapy patients as well as AIDS patients suffering from anorexia induced by the virus. Syndros was approved by the FDA for oral use in its liquid form. On the other end of the Dronabinol spectrum, MJTV has entered an Asset Purchase Agreement with RP Capital Group to develop and market therapeutic treatments for sleep disorders using Dronabinol as a primary ingredient.

MJTV is an up and coming company in a market that is full of possibilities. Raj Pamnani has recently joined the MJTV Board of Directors, bringing his vision of using Dronabinol to treat sleep problems in a variety of contexts. Pamnani’s partnership is expected to further the company’s forward journey as it carves out a competitive space in the synthetic marijuana sector. As FDA restrictions on Dronabinol and other synthetic marijuana products continue to lessen, MJTV is at the forefront of product development and distribution. Clinical trials conducted at the University of Illinois are expected to show that Dronabinol is also a highly effective treatment for sleep disorders. This would expand the Dronabinol market considerably, allowing more patients to access these life-changing products.

The pre-clinical trials that have been conducted yielded promising results, according to MJTV CEO, James Farinella. Farinella acknowledges that this treatment indication will be the primary focus of his company. Dronabinol could provide therapeutic relief for patients suffering from a variety of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. Dronabinol was combined with another active ingredient in MJTV pre-clinical trials, which led to promising results for participants with sleep apnea.

Moving forward, Farinella announces plans to combine Dronabinol with more active ingredients in order to create treatments that address a wide spectrum of medical indications. This is a promising new area of pharmacology, offering the health benefits of marijuana products combined with the reliability and combined effects of drugs created in a controlled, clinical setting. The imaginative treatment applications developed by MJTV make it one of the most exciting companies to watch in the medical sector.

While INSYS Therapeutics only switched its focus to Dronabinol in recent months, MJTV has remained focused on creating new treatment options in this area from the start. Farinella reports that MJTV’s acne treatment line will be moved to its private company so the public company can focus on the thriving market of synthetic marijuana treatment options. The Asset Purchase Agreement is expected to bring even greater opportunities to the company and, by proxy, its clients. All intellectual property rights have been acquired to make MJTV the industry leader when it comes to treating sleep disorders with medications that use Dronabinol as the base ingredient.

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