As one of the largest digital platforms in the cannabis industry, MassRoots is in an ideal position to help the states that adopt new marijuana laws this election season. The 2016 elections promise multiple state-by-state changes regarding the legalization of marijuana, and MassRoots has turnkey solutions to offer that can make those transitions easier. Publicly traded under the ticker symbol, MSRT, the company only recently began its active marketing campaign and has hit the ground running. According to the MSRT CEO, Isaac Dietrich, MSRT has over 900,000 users who are using the app to find local dispensaries that sell cannabis products to treat their ailments.

MSRT and New Marijuana Legislation

Dietrich explains that as soon as a new state legalizes marijuana, MSRT is able to begin connecting with dispensaries and helping clients find the products they need. The company’s digital platform allows it to be up and running immediately whenever the opportunity presents itself through legalization. Nine states are expected to vote on some form of marijuana legislation in the 2016 elections, including California, Maine, Nevada, Florida, and North Dakota. The outcome of these elections could have significant implications for the company’s financial growth. California is presently the largest medical marijuana product market with an industry valued at $1 billion, but full legalization could result in a skyrocketed market value of $5 billion.

As a whole, it is estimated that the cannabis industry will grow from $5 to $20 billion this year alone based on projected changes in legislation. The future is promising for the medical marijuana industry, and MassRoots is at the forefront of technological development and innovation. The company recently made an attempt to be listed on higher exchange. The effort turned out to be a wise move since it resulted in 50 mainstream press articles and a significant rise in awareness of the changes in the cannabis industry. This media attention is timely in light of the upcoming elections that will impact MSRT and the entire cannabis industry.

MSRT’s 2017 Outlook and Turnkey Solutions

Dietrich explains that the company’s 2017 goals are to continue to generate revenue from digital advertising and its dispensary maps as well as to control the demand side of the cannabis market. The company CEO also hopes to engage with newly regulated cannabis markets, facilitating the transition from medical to full cannabis legislation in relevant states. MassRoots will accomplish this goal through practical turnkey solutions that cut down on the learning curve for states that have recently expanded their provisions for the use of cannabis products. This is part of the company’s larger goal to scale its user base.

The structure of MassRoots allows the company to be flexible when expanding into new territories, which is an essential skill for any company in a highly regulated industry. Because MassRoots is, at its core, a technology platform, the digital elements of the business are easy to scale and adapt while keeping overhead costs low. When cannabis dispensaries and companies enter a market in a state that has just legalized marijuana, MassRoots provides a one-stop portal for getting those products seen by clients who already trust the MassRoots name and platform. This turnkey approach is essential to a successful launch in a rapidly changing industry and it will make the transition to legalization easier for companies in all states as legislation continues to change.

As a company that connects cannabis consumers to dispensaries, MassRoots is in a unique position to respond to the demands of a changing market. This saves the dispensaries and cannabis brands the company partners with from wasting valuable time in the early stages of state-by-state legalization, allowing them to establish a presence in the local market and immediately begin making sales. According to Dietrich, it will be a success for the company as well as the market as a whole even if only California and a couple of other states vote to legalize cannabis in this election cycle. As more states legalize cannabis, the market will grow even faster, presenting new opportunities for consumers and investors alike.

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