The Rocky Mountains are known as one of the most beautiful locations in the United States.

Water is a necessity of life, and the water industry in the United States is constantly changing. Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc., traded publicly under the ticker symbol RMHB, has been at the forefront of the natural beverage industry for years. RMHB founder Jerry Grisaffi has recently formed a partnership with Poafbybitty Family, LLC to launch a new product line known as Eagle Spirit Spring Water. The Poafbybitty family descended from Mary “Sanapia” Poafbybitty, known for her role as the last Comanche Eagle Doctor. Mary’s secrets have been passed down to her descendants and soon the healing powers of this water will be available for consumers to benefit from as well.

Eagle Spirit Spring Water

The Rocky Mountains are known as one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. Natural springs purified in the mountains offer some off the highest quality water available in the world. Michael Welch, President and CEO of RMHB, has shared his vision of partnership between his company and Mary’s descendants. The Poafbybitty family hopes to make their family water available to the world not only to share the health benefits but their ancestors’ vision as well.

Welch explains that “The name of Eagle Spirit represents great power and balance, dignity with grace, and a symbolism as to live in balance with heaven and earth.” There has been extensive independent testing of this spring water, which showed a high level of natural alkalinity. With a pH of 7.54, Rocky Mountain Eagle Spirit Spring Water offers a variety of health benefits. It is believed that water with a high alkalinity improves metabolism and helps the body expel harmful toxins for greater overall health.

According to founder Jerry Grisaffi, “cancer can’t survive in high alkaline water” and “it’s a proven fact that high alkaline and diseases don’t go together.” When the body’s alkaline levels fall below 6.8, it is believed that the risk for disease and cancer increases dramatically. High-alkaline products are on-trend in the natural health industry, and there is a significant body of evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness. When consumers pick up a bottle of Eagle Spirit Spring Water, they will not only be able to read about the powerful story of the Poafbybitty family but the health benefits of the water as well.

Comanche History

During the period of colonization in the western United States, the Comanche people were forced into a limited area. This area was home to a variety of natural springs, which the Comanche soon realized had healing properties. The Ancestral Rockies were intracratonic basement uplifts that can be found in abundance in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. Not only is water from this area cool and refreshing, but the Comanche believe that it is a gift from the Great Spirit sent to heal and cleanse the body of impurities. Since ancient times, the Comanche have used this water to treat a variety of illnesses. Today, the Poafbybitty family hopes to extend these benefits to others by making the water available on the consumer market. With plans to infuse the water with hemp extracts, this product is poised to exceed others in the bottled water market in terms of taste and natural health.

Alternative Beverages

The bottled water industry in the United States reached the multi-billion mark in 2015 alone. RMHB is a company that specializes in developing brands that offer real value to consumers in the natural market. While many brands make claims about their products, RMHB and its founder back their claims up with independent testing and research. This makes the company a natural fit for partnership with a small family company that is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the past and offering innovative products for the future. Eagle Spring Spirit Water will be launched between late September and early October of 2016, giving consumers even more high-quality natural beverages to choose from.

Rocky Mountain High Brands is currently known for its line of hemp-infused beverages. With natural flavors such as Black Tea, Mango Energy and Lemonade, RMHB is ahead of the curve in the natural beverage industry. The company also offers energy shots and low-calorie beverage options for consumers trying to lose weight and get fit. Grisaffi explains that the agreement between RMHB and the Comanche has required extensive negotiations to meet all relevant regulations, but the partnership is well worth the wait. Mary Sanapia was the last Comanche medicine woman, and her dedication and knowledge lives on in her descendants and this exciting new product line.

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