The revitalization of NuVim, Inc. during the last 12 month period has resulted in the reduction of debt from $1.2 million to zero debt short term and less than $100,000 in long term friendly debt.

NuVim has emerged as a near debt free company. This debt decrease was accomplishment with just a slight increase in the number of common shares outstanding to a total of 90 million.

None of the 65 million preferred shares have been issued.

NuVim average trading is 200,000 shares per day on the OTC symbol NUVM.

On the revenue side, NuVim has begun selling three varieties of the powder mix products on Amazon and NuVim’s refurbished web-site

Going forward NuVim has engaged technical and medical professionals to reformulate their products for a planned introduction later this year.

The Board of Directors team and internal/external resources remain committed to the NuVim re-launch.

The new products will encompass vitality enhancement with ingredients to support the quality of daily living. The NuVim breakthrough supplement is for anyone who desires to wake up in the morning feeling mentally alert and physically full of energy to take on their day and enjoy a better quality of living.

As we age many of us lose pep but it is not an inevitable condition and can be reversed. The human body must maintain adequate levels of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) a key energy molecule to our bodily functions, both physically and mentally. Daily stress can rob us of energy and many times the process of restoring this energy deficit can be slow. Damaged or stressed muscle is slower at restoring those critical ATP levels back to normal. When ATP energy levels drop and cannot be restored quickly, we do indeed feel weak and tired. Our new NuVim product contains a key component (D-Ribose) to help restore ATP levels quickly.

NuVim’s new product is unique in many ways. NuVim delivers a prebiotic that selectively stimulates beneficial indigenous bacteria in our digestive system. This prebiotic compound helps support digestion, aid in our immune health, help calcium absorption and provide a good source of dietary fiber.

NuVim has developed a one of a kind combination of ingredients including antioxidants designed to help neutralize free radicals and thereby help in maintaining healthy well functioning cells. It also contains ingredients targeted for enhancing healthy skin; help maintain cardiovascular health and aid in mental acuity. In addition, there are other benefits from this product; improving circulation by relaxing blood vessels and reducing muscle recovery time after a workout, reducing our daily stress levels and in clearing ammonia from our body.

NuVim does not contain caffeine, fat, cholesterol, gluten, lactose, high levels of sucrose or anything artificial.

NuVim is a powder mix, packaged in 30 single serve foil lined pouches in a box to be added to16 ounces of bottled water or mixed with yogurt, cereal, juice, milk or your favorite food. It can also be used to make a slushy for the kids. The product is instantly water soluble and stays in solution if you don’t drink the entire contents at one time. The recommended usage is one serving or pouch per day.

There are three great tasting varieties: French Vanilla, Juicy Strawberry and Creamsicle.

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