The FlexFridge is the world’s first foldable mini-fridge. With its compact design, wheels and handle, FlexFridge makes mobile refrigeration as easy as it should be. The FlexFridge design will change what consumers come to expect from a compact refrigeration unit. Finally: a truly portable mini-fridge.

The FlexFridge design itself was born when the company founder, Shaun Passley Ph.D. was a graduate student. He realized that the mini-refrigerators used in the dorms were generally disposed of after students left school. They were being stored in a basement or thrown away entirely. Shaun’s goal was to create a refrigerator that could easily be stored and moved—the end result was the FlexFridge.

Research shows that the FlexFridge is the perfect size, too. Four cubic feet is right around the ideal space for a miniature refrigerator, but it usually guarantees that transportation will be a two-person job. The FlexFridge fixes this problem, making it a perfect alternative to both traditional mini-fridges and coolers.

While college students have a lot to gain from the product, there are plenty of other uses. Vendors at parks, beaches, and other local attractions can rent out FlexFridges for convenience during a hot summer day. Barbecue enthusiasts can keep their guests’ drinks cold without worrying about refilling the cooler with ice. Hotels, utilizing FlexFridge’s planned revenue sharing model, can store the fridges easily and rent them out to guests as needed. This move into the hotel industry, especially, is expected to boost name recognition for the FlexFridge brand.

The company made impressive progress in the past couple years, filing a 10k in the last quarter of 2014 and a 10-Q in the first quarter of 2014. Flex Fridge, Inc. not only holds a patent for foldable refrigerators, but for any foldable refrigeration unit, including coolers and compressors. This patent will help prevent other companies from replicating FlexFridge’s success.

In 2016, a May press release discussed the company’s plans to acquire two manufacturing companies. This move will aid immensely in the creation of both consumer and commercial FlexFridges. The two manufacturing companies FlexFridge is negotiating with would offer greater production capabilities to the companies. By utilizing two separate manufacturers, FlexFridge can insure increased quality control and product consistency.

According to the company spokesman, a 2016 crowdfunded campaign with an estimated 2,000 pre-orders will start the process of getting FlexFridges into the hands of consumers. This will allow the brand adequate room to grow while simultaneously building a solid customer base. This consumer marketing strategy will be used in conjunction with the previously mentioned revenue-sharing program offered to hotel chains.

FlexFridge, Inc. is an exciting and innovative company, based on truly game changing refrigeration technology. By solving a widespread problem with no real solutions on the market, FlexFridge has been able to branch out and create an incredibly exciting opportunity. The company’s solid market performance and comprehensive patent offer a good deal of security too, making FlexFridge a smart bet moving forward.

Stuart Smith
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