In one of the latest segments of’s Online Business Briefing, host Stuart T. Smith interviewed the CEO and co-founder, David Cunic, about his innovative company, Pazoo, Inc, that specializes in testing marijuana for safety and consistency. The opinion of David is that when parents give their children antibiotics or any other type of medicine, they want to be sure that the medicine is safe and the proper dosage. The only way to do that is through continuous testing of the product. The same goes for marijuana, whether it is used for medical or recreational use.

To look at it another way, consider moonshine, David asks of the listener. If you had the choice of buying moonshine from the liquor store where it has passed regulations and testing before hitting the shelves or from a batch made in some stranger’s back yard, you’re going to choose the former. Again, the same goes for marijuana. In fact, David stresses the idea UCS which stands for Use Cannabis Safely. When Pazoo Inc does it’s testing, it looks for impurities, contaminants and other irregularities that could make the product unsafe.

According to David, just three years ago pain management doctors didn’t even want to talk about cannabis for their patients, however that is all changing. Now, doctors are starting to ask questions and one of them is “how can I prescribe my patient safe cannabis?” One of the reasons for this change could very well be the opiate addiction sweeping the United States. With so many people addicted to prescribed drugs and making the leap to street drugs, like heroine, it’s now wonder doctors are looking at an alternative.

David’s answer to their question is simple: consistency and regulation. Both require means lots and lots of testing. The subsidiary to David’s company, MA & Associates, is based in Nevada, which happens to have the strictest marijuana testing laws in the country. In fact, a test is required by law to be performed for every five pounds of marijuana produced and packaged for consumer use. That is a lot of testing and Pazoo Inc. is truly a pioneer marijuana testing company because of the location they choose to work in. They believe that all fifty states should offer their residents access to cannabis, especially since people are looking for alternative pain medication, and that cannabis should be tested before hitting the shelves.

Pazoo, Inc.’s Good News

Pazoo, Inc. has some good news for their investors. Pazoo subsidiary, MA & Associates, LLC (MA), a State of Nevada licensed marijuana testing laboratory in Las Vegas, has recorded its first transaction resulting in billing its first revenues. David Cunic stated, “Everyone at Pazoo as well as MA is extremely excited about the lab bringing in revenues. This has been a long time coming, and to see it finally become a reality is amazing. We wanted to ensure lab operations and account services were done the proper way before taking in revenue. With that being said, we want to thank the shareholders, the investors, and our customers for their patience as they were all very eager to have us open. We look forward to reconnecting with the many operators who asked to work with us as new customers, turning our LOI’s into paying customers, and servicing the State of Nevada with our much needed testing services.”

They are now a revenue producing company as healthy as their company’s mission, which is to focus on health, wellness, and safety and to provide the “safest cannabis on the market.”

The Future of Pazoo, Inc.

CEO of Pazoo, Inc., David Cunic said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the direction the Las Vegas laboratory has taken. Our goal is simple. We want to provide testing options for both recreational and medicinal marijuana. By taking all the correct steps and being proactive, the team is moving forward, accordingly.” In fact, the company is looking to open laboratories in other states, which can only mean another step would be taken toward making cannabis safe for people all over the country, whether used for recreational and/or medicinal reasons.

About Pazoo, Inc.

Pazoo, Inc. (OTC Pinks: PZOO) is focused on health, wellness and safety. Through their wholly owned subsidiaries, Harris Lee and MA & Associates, Pazoo is an industry leader when it comes to laboratory testing of cannabis. Licensed in Nevada, which has the most stringent cannabis testing laws, Pazoo is an industry expert that focuses on safety. Their newly formed wholly owned subsidiary CK Distribution LLC, takes care of marketing and sales throughout the USA. If you happen to be in Las Vegas for business, David urges you to reach out for a tour of the facility. To learn more about Pazoo, Inc. you can visit their website at, which has a wealth of information.

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