PositiveID Corporation (“PositiveID” or “PSID”) (OTCQB:PSID), a developer of biological detection and diagnostic solutions, has reignited the sales and marketing of the Caregiver® non-contact thermometer following its acquisition of Thermomedics, Inc. (“Thermomedics”), which markets the device. Caregiver is the world’s first non-contact, FDA-cleared, infrared thermometer approved for clinical use.

Caregiver is a user-friendly, hand-held device that when activated, inches away from the forehead, produces a highly accurate temperature reading in 1-2 seconds. Caregiver has been proven safe and reliable for use on adults, children and infants. The manufacturing and FDA expertise that the Thermomedics team brings to PSID is expected to be an invaluable asset while PSID continues development and testing of its Firefly Dx, a highly anticipated point-of-need, hand-held polymerase chain reaction (PCR) pathogen detection system. Thermomedics has established agreements with several leaders in the health care product distribution field, and recently signed on with five new distributors. This broad distribution network is expected to boost monthly sales and create additional near-term pipeline opportunities. 

The non-contact thermometer industry has grown rapidly in the past few years, largely due to mass outbreaks of contagious diseases like Ebola and Zika where fever is an initial symptom. The non-contact feature of Caregiver greatly decreases chances of interpersonal contamination and spread. The hand-held, no-touch thermometer seems to have emerged as the most popular for Ebola screenings, doctors say, because it’s fast, easy to use, noninvasive, accurate, relatively inexpensive, and minimizes the chance of spreading illness. The Centers for Disease Control goes on to say, “No-touch thermometers are useful, in part, because they’re unlikely to pass infection from person to person.”

During the height of the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, many large airports in the United States used the Caregiver thermometer to screen passengers returning from travel in affected areas. Currently, the spread and concern surrounding the Zika virus has been widely publicized. Zika virus is a disease that usually occurs in tropical environments and is spread to humans primarily via mosquito bites. The symptoms are mild and can be initially confused with viruses from the same family such as dengue fever until the patient has undergone further diagnosis from health care professionals. The symptoms can include fever, joint pain, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and a rash. There is speculation that Zika can cause devastating harm to unborn fetuses when infection occurs during pregnancy.

Caregiver’s capability to revolutionize the way hospitals, airports, and virtually all arenas are able to record the temperatures of large volumes of people quickly, effectively, and in a non-invasive manner, could be a game changer for the health care industry. The non-contact thermometer market is growing exponentially around the world, and the market as a whole is projected to reach $1 billion by 2020.

Stuart Smith
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