The U.S. Department of Health Services Office of Health Affairs recently announced their intention plan to monitor the reported outbreaks of various infectious diseases worldwide and PositiveID’s Firelfy Dx system seems an obvious solution to the world’s bio-threat detection needs.

The Office of Health Affairs wants to contract a small business to provide a “real-time data feed” that will be delivered in email or RSS format. The data feed would consist of no less than 25,000 online sources, would be available on a constant basis and would be updated every hour at the most.

Bio-Threat Detection Takes Priority
Tensions are mounting across the globe as the world watches and tries to sort out the tragic details. Terror reigns in Syria where chemical weapons have already taken lives. Some might perceive the Office of Health Affairs’ plans for a feed as an official confession of concern for the growing threat of chemical and biological warfare. Still, many areas of the government could benefit from better bio-threat detection.

Safer Deployment to Syria
PositiveID Corporation’s (OTC: PSID) Firefly Dx system could offer tremendous benefits to the military, especially in the case of the deployment of troops to Syria. The depths to which the US will get involved remains unclear, at this time, but one thing is certain, our soldiers run the high risk of having bio weapons used against them. With so many lives in danger, the Firefly system should not be overlooked.

Firefly for Flu
When the recent outbreaks of swine flu occurred, the response times for testing the flu were so insufficient that some medical professionals decided to treat all flu patients for the swine flu without waiting for their particular affliction to be identified. The implementation of the Firefly Dx system would eliminate the need for clinics and health centers to send their patient samples into a test facility for analysis. This process, currently in use today, can take up to 2 days to render results. In order to treat patients more effectively and save lives and limited supplies, doctors and health professionals need a drastic improvement. Firefly can provide test results, cost effectively, for numerous biological pathogens in less than 30 minutes. This improvement could benefit multiple organizations and industries from military to agriculture to health care.

Firefly Could Be the Best Bio-Threat Detection Solution
PositiveID’s Firefly Dx system could offer the US Office of Health Affairs the ultimate technology solution for their new bio threat detection feed. Moreover, the hand-held Firefly device processes data in real time and offers accurate results in under half an hour. Those results are sent via wireless communication to a SMART phone or personal computer with a specialized, mobile application and cloud-based data sharing and storage. To keep things easy, the device uses disposable, one-time-use cassettes equipped with RFID chips in order to minimize user error.

Anyone Can Use Firefly
Since the Firefly system has been smartly designed to be easy to use and simple to learn, the system can be implemented quickly and the devices can be operated by most anyone making them a perfect solution for a widespread application in multiple fields and markets.

Firefly Offers Fast Results and Improves Response Time
Firefly provides a low-cost, user-friendly, self-contained testing system in a hand-held, portable device allowing for fast, efficient management of potential bio-threats. Since results can be delivered in thirty minutes or less, depending on the particular pathogen being tested, each specific potential bio-threat situation can be closely monitored and decisions can be implemented more rapidly than current methods allow. Firefly takes less time and effort to track the initial spread of disease across different geographic areas.

Firefly Is Affordable Enough to Spread
The estimated cost of the firefly device is surprisingly low at $3,000 to $4,000 (USD) per unit. Depending on the assay and level of multiplexing, each test is expected to cost about $20. These costs are actually low enough that PositiveID’s Firefly Dx system may finally provide a much-needed, realistic option for multiple operations that otherwise would be left completely unprotected, with no affordable bio-threat system available.

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